Monday, September 25, 2006


Work today is different, to say the least.

I expected to start a job at 11am today, got there & the job was cancelled. I'd turned down another assignment in the other direction because of the location, even though it was more money. Now, I have a solid 4 months in the area I wanted to work in, starting tomorrow, and it's for a church!

Talk about a "God Shot!" I applied at a church way west in the county about 6 weeks ago & didn't get the position. Now, I get to work for a different denomination and see if I really *do* want to work in a church. You know, my life is like that - AWESOME!

Life wasn't always like this, of course, as I was reminded today.

So, nights on the website, days at church, what could be better? I get to work God's Work in whatever way I turn, and this is just awesome!

Money will be tight for another month, then things should be about caught up, and I can get some new shoes. I'll be able to get the cats seen and taken care of & not have to depend on my friends and web visitors so much. I'll still depend on them, but not so much for money. That will help a lot. I hate to push, I hate to ask.

I was raised to be totally independent of the world. It's made for some interesting experiences. To be detached is healthy, to be independent can be a drag. Having to provide for all my needs, including emotional, all the time, was really draining. Now, I have friends and a life that I like. I'm detached from people, places and things, but I still become involved. I just don't care about the outcome of actions. I really do care, but I know today that I have no control over it, so it usually doesn't bother me too much. But to be independent of the world, if things don't work out right, everything can come crashing down around my ears. That's very uncomfortable. I like being detached a lot better.

Anyway, that's it for now. The kitties don't like Tuna, so I need to get to the store and get cat food.

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