Thursday, January 29, 2009

New Page!

Brag on your kitty!

A new page, not yet linked in so that only the advance group gets it! It will be "Officially Announced" later this week in the e-zine. But you can add your entry now.

I've got a whole bunch of new books (Finally!) and I'll be putting them up. Also, I did some research with the various Veterinary colleges in the USA and got a feel for the entry requirements. It's always a good idea to do even more than they ask in some respects, but this new section will help those who are thinking about becoming a veterinarian. Never - EVER let someone say "Just a vet" in your hearing! These folks are amazing!

I've also got the goods on the textbooks for veterinary college, and vet tech courses. Great sources with excellent pricing. I'll be getting all that posted in a few days, so check the site.

Lots of love to you all!