Tuesday, January 10, 2012


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Monday, January 09, 2012

What Does a Cat Whisperer Do?

A cat whisperer - or cat trainer - can help with a troubled cat and human relationship. We can help the cat to adjust to changes around the home.

This includes helping a cat to accept other cats or dogs, a new baby, spouse, or partner. We can help the cat to feel comfortable in a new home, including a feral or rescue cat. Not that the cat will like it, but we can help the owner (or foster home) to make the cat more comfortable by their actions.

I work with shelters, foster families, folks who want to feed the feral cats in the neighborhood, and new parents; to help their cats feel more comfortable, adjust to the vagaries of life, and be more friendly.

There are times when a cat will mark it's territory, or bite and scratch for no apparent reason. I work with the humans to identify the issues, and adjust the cat's behavior accordingly.

Some cats seem hopeless and helpless. There is no bad cat. There is no hopeless cat. All the cat wants is to feel safe and eat it's fill. It wants to sleep in the sun and chase mice or birds. We, as humans, can help cats to feel safe and secure, to chase toys instead of live animals, and we do that by our actions.

I also talk a lot about a cat's diet. A cat has to eat healthy food and since we tend to keep cats in our homes, that means we have to provide that healthy food. Not all cat food is good for cats. I test foods, read labels, and keep on top of the additives and recalls that affect our furry friends. If I find something you, the owner, needs to know about, I pass it on as fast as I can.

I hope I can build trust with you, and you will learn to rely on me a little bit.

Best purrs and scratches...

Sunday, January 01, 2012

Holidays are Over!

Thank goodness the holidays are over! Still a little lingering stuff to handle, like putting the Christmas decorations away, and taking down the Christmas cards from my display. But for the most part, stuff is all done. No leftovers in the fridge, no food to tempt me.

The cats are also on a diet. I realized I was feeding them 1/2 can a day plus dry food. I had to cut them back to 1/4 can a day, and sometimes, that means 1/8 of a can in the morning, and the rest at night.

The bad part about this is that Princess doesn't need to be on a diet. I wish I could get her to eat better. She continues to lose weight, and her bones are sticking out. There is nothing to be done, but make her comfortable. She sometimes has a little pain, a creaking in her joints, and she gets irritable with the other cats. Any of the other cats. She just wants what she wants when she wants it, too. She cuddles a bit, on my lap. She can be really insistent about that...

Beasley is the greatest complainer, of course. He wants all the food in the house in his bowl. He will eat his and everyone elses' food, if I let him. At least he's stopped vomiting up his food as soon as he's eaten. He is keeping it down.

I wormed them a few weeks ago, then added some edible diatomaceous earth to their food for a week after that. Any little worms left in their guts were shredded and no longer exist.

The fleas are also much better - more due to the cold weather than any action on my part. I still comb regularly and administer the flea drops. I haven't had to spray, but come spring, if the carpet isn't all out of here, there will be another infestation.

Otherwise, Queenie is a little distant, but she checks in with me at least once a day - right in my face, getting snuggles. Bugs is cuddly and filling out her personality a little more. She was so two-dimensional for so long, it's nice to see her realize that she's more than enough cat for anyone. And Fluffy, who never liked to see a brush or comb, is now coming to me and asking for them! She loves to sit on my lap as long as she can, and get mommy-time.

Beasley has been relegated to the top of the chair, and pouts a lot. But he knows he's my boy. At bedtime, he has dibs on the "next to the pillow" spot and gets to even put his nose on the pillow if he wants to.

The birds are coming by regularly, and I changed the seed mix so we get some really nice little songbirds, now. I have to put up another suet cake today. The cats need a few perches in front of the window. There just doesn't seem to be enough seating for them all.

Well, Happy New Year, friends. I hope your holidays were good, and your cats were healthy through it all. I miss tinsel. I never liked angel hair, so I went to tinsel. But it isn't safe for them. Ah, well... One day, maybe. If I ever get down to only one cat and can keep track of him or her enough to keep it out of the tree.