Sunday, August 21, 2011

New Flea Collars!

I found these collars a the pet supply store the last time I was in for cat food, and I was really surprised!

The price is really good, and there are NO pyrethrins in the formula! Excellent value! The cats are doing well with them - even Queenie had no trouble getting the collar on. In fact, the only cat who had any trouble wearing a collar was Bugs! Surprise! She really hated the idea, but the others resigned themselves quickly.

Now, to pull the carpet to get rid of all the eggs and fleas living in it. I know it seems extreme, but added to the other problems we are having with carpet in the house, it's best for everyone - cats and people alike. The allergies are horrible!

I recently went out of town and had to leave Princess with a severe upper-respiratory infection. We are lucky that it was actually a virus and passed quickly. Once she got the collar on - only a day ago - she started feeling a lot better and talking to me again. She's been quietly sitting around, shrinking from pets until the 3rd stroke, when she leans into me. She has been so weak and anti-social for so long. All because of the fleas and their biting. I would not be a bit surprised if everyone was a bit anemic!

Anyway, the carpet is a breeding ground for the fleas - diatomaceous earth, salt, and other ideas have not helped in the long run. I was upset that the house came with carpet instead of hard flooring anyway, so I'll spend the extra $$ to have laminate flooring put down. Allergies, asthma, and fleas, all become worse with carpet.

The poisons I've sprayed on the carpet and furniture have become ineffective. The fleas seem to have built up a tolerance to them. I'd never heard of that, but it seems to have happened. I'll have to "bomb" the house after I remove the carpet. And to be sure, I'll have to bomb twice - 10 days apart, so that I get all the hatched eggs.

The worst part of the poisons is that the cats are getting sick from the built-up concentration of sprays. It's bad enough that the fleas aren't dying, but the cats are having reactions. It's time to stop the madness....

The collars are the first step in that. Removing the carpet is the next step, and the last step is a 2-stage flea and insect bombing with foggers.

This all started in late May, right after I'd done my monthly flea-spraying on the furniture and carpet. I got drops and put them on the cats, but at $10/each, it gets expensive with 5 cats, so I couldn't get more right away. And my spray seemed to be less effective... So I replaced it, but that didn't help.... By then, the fleas had taken over - everything!

The saga continues....

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Back from Vacation

I went away for a week, taking the laptop with me, so hardly anybody noticed I was gone. My cats did, however. Beasley wants to sit on my lap and the others are all glad to be with me. Even Queenie, who was a hissy mess when I walked in the door! Poor babies! Fleas are horrible and I'll start pulling carpet Thursday.

Vacation was wonderful, by the way. I slept and read 2 whole books! The first two of the Steig Larsson trilogy. Have to get the 3rd from the Library ASAP! Hope your summer is great!

Monday, August 01, 2011

Cat Food Recall

Purina issued a "voluntary cat food recall" in limited quantities of cat food due to salmonella. Please read the article to see if your latest bag is involved.