Friday, January 29, 2010

Woo Hoo!!! Thank you Everyone!

Paws Up Recognition from Drs. Foster and Smith
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Thank you to everyone who voted. I appreciate this more than you could possibly know!!!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

WooHoo! E-zine is put to bed....

Feb Issue is done! Great items on sale this month! Fun articles, a little off-beat. Look for it!

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Trademark Issues...

I got a very nasty set of e-mails from someone who said he was an attorney in New York. He said I was to stop using the term "Cat Whisperer" because they had trademarked it.

I contacted an attorney of my own, instead of blindly doing what he demanded (yes, demanded!)

My attorney took a look at the documentation, said the guy was full of hooey, and had no business talking to me like that. I'd given him no reason to be that nasty, and I was very short and direct in my answers, but not rude.

Anyway, it boils down to me trademarking a similar term, since the term "Cat Whisperer" cannot be trademarked. You can't trademark the word "Cat" and the term "Cat Whisperer" is too short to trademark. Meanwhile, my attorney and I have decided to trademark the term in such a way that I won't ever have to deal with the likes of this supposed attorney or his ilk, again.

So, I need $1,000. Anybody need help with their cats? Not asking for a loan or a donation, but I'd sure love to earn it!

Monday, January 11, 2010

Oy! Vet day!

Yikes! I tried to get all the cats to the vet on the same day - didn't work.

I got Beasley, Fluffy and Bugs in. Queenie took a big chunk out of my hand and Princess took cover, nowhere to be found.

It will probably take a good 2 weeks for my hand to stop throbbing and the muscle to fully heal. She got me in the middle of the back of the hand, right down to the muscle, and it totally disabled my hand for about 15 minutes. Not a good bite for me, but an excellent defensive tactic on Queenie's part. The funny thing was, I had full control over her paws and her body. She couldn't get away. She squirmed, bent over and bit down hard.

Maybe if I'd let go, she wouldn't have gotten the second bite in...

Live and learn.


I'll get her in later, I guess.

Claustrophobia isn't just for people, I guess. The small confines of a carrier can terrorize a cat.

Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Kitty Visual Catnip...

My cats have been having a ball, watching the birds outside the window. I can't keep the bird feeders full.

The birds have this deal where they tip the feeders over, and spill the seed on the ground. I need some feeders that can't be tipped, I guess.

So, anyway, I finally stopped filling the things to the top and wasting all the seed. I now only put a little in every other day.

And the cats love it!

I've got the Sparrows, of course. They are greedy little feeders.

But I've also got Cardinals. Male and female juveniles and adults. They are so pretty!

No Finches yet. I think I need a different seed mix for those. No Grackles, either, or Starlings. I've had a few Ravens, but they moved on.

I hear the kitty chirping going on, even now...


It's been very cold here - about 15 last night. My neighbor's very tame and indoor-only cat got out a couple of days ago, and no one has seen her since. I'm worried that she's frozen to death. I checked what I could, and notified the neighbors on the other side, but I'm afraid there is little hope for her.

We'll keep looking.