Monday, May 31, 2010

Adjustments to Pages

I made some adjustments to some of the pages on the site. There is no new content, but I had to make a few changes by adding some keywords and advertising blocks. This doesn't mean anything to most of you. Don't worry about it. The feed reflects the pages that were changed. I hope the ads are not distracting.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

New Testimonial - Petsitting

I did a cat-sitting job for a friend, and she has always been a little skeptical of "Cat Whispering" for her cat. Her cat is very needy, vocal, and part Siamese. Of course, she's also an only-cat!

So, I guess she didn't have anyone else to call, so she called me. I agreed to do the job for half my normal fee, because I know of her skepticism.

I set an appointment, went to meet the kitty, find out where things were and how the place should look (basic furniture placement, and so on) so that I would know what to look for. My service includes a sense of security because of this extra bit...

So, she goes off on her trip, and I start coming daily to care for Mica. Normally, I come twice a day, stay about 45 minutes and then leave. For Mica, I stayed 2-3 hours and only visited once a day. I brought 4 toys and some catnip on my second day, when I saw her boredom with her existing toys.

About day 5, she started meeting me at the door with meows and crying. Very excited! I would pick her up to greet her, and she would walk on my shoulders and I'd put her onto a counter (she'd walk there) and then jump down. She would entwine herself under my feet. She was so excited, she wouldn't eat!!!

Well, I would sit down, play with her, or just watch TV. Mica would calm down, and eventually come to sit with me or on me - snuggling.

Eventually, it would be time for me to leave. She would accept it - watch me leave and not complain. She grew accustomed to my visits. I always left her with a little catnip on a washcloth.

The last day, I went to check on her and the key was gone. I figured mom came home, so I called. Sure enough, mom was home and was very pleased! Dishes done, trash out, Mica happy and sassy.

So, I've posted her comments on the contact page. I hope you find comfort in them. I sure did! I don't think my friend will be so reluctant to call me next time. And I'll be happy to take care of Mica again...

Sometimes, you have to release your skepticism to find the jewel inside the claim...