Sunday, August 27, 2006

Possible home for Bugs and Pretty Girl

The lady who contacted me about the girls is still interested, so I hope to move them on next week. Missy Bugs kept me up for 2 nights with her catterwalling. I finally confined her last night because I was losing patience with her. That was better than yelling and getting my blood pressure up. She got out first thing this morning and was cuddly right away, so I think she understood that I don't hate her, but that I was very tired.

She finally gets a vet visit this week, so she will be much happier.

I'm finding that some of my advice to readers is getting pretty terse. That's tired and busy combined. I need to take more time on these things, but I don't always have that luxury. I hope to be better in future. At least I see the trend and can stop it.

Put up some articles yesterday. Mine and other folks, both. Content is king, and articles are free content, as long as credit is given to the author. It's a new button on the navbar so they are easy to find.

Not much else to report at the moment. Maybe later

Saturday, August 26, 2006

Pretty Girl & Bugs found a home!


The article was approved at, but got stuck. I don't know if there were a lot of articles submitted or what, but mine still hasn't been reviews and published. The other 2 article houses I use, I'm going to be giving a different article in the next few weeks.

The problem I've been having with the C-Dox links is still in process of being resolved. I expect some more information next week. I really like that stuff, but I guess it's not available any more through my supplier. I'm trying to find the maufacturer so that I can continue to offer it.

There are other problems with the links to that supplier, so those are also being addressed.

Beasley is now so depressed that he's not even coming over to my recliner while I watch my evening TV shows. I think he'll be a lot happier when Pretty Girl and Bugs leave. I've never seen him this unhappy.

I went to a women's business expo today. Most of the people there are doing affiliate marketing of some kind. The usual - tupperware, prepaid legal services, mary kay, avon, pampered chef, and many smaller ones. There were a few people there with something they actually made or designed, but mostly it was the affiliates. I did what networking I could. I felt like an outsider. More than ever, I want to open my own store!

Yeah, I've been thinking about opening a store. A cats-only petstore. We don't have one here, and I found the perfect name for it. I would carry inventory of what I sell on the website and refer folks to the website for cat whispering services. I would only feature cats from the rescue organizations, instead of the pound, like all the other pet stores use. I think that cats in rescue need as much exposure, although I understand why the cats in the pound are usually featured - our pound is a kill-shelter. I'd probably take 5-8 cats from there, and then 3-4 from rescue over a weekend as well.

I'm still working up the numbers, so it won't be in the next 6 months. Stay tuned, there may be an Angel out there who wants to see this happen, too.

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Article Finsihed

I got the article finished and submitted. When it's approved for publication (usually within the day) I'll post the location.

It's at, look under authors, using my full name: morgen marshall

catwhisperer domain in UK, kitty update

Well! I got a letter today from the "" domain in UK. He said I've been referring folks to him! Actually, his domain name is his problem. But, I offered to exchange a link with him to see if that might help. He offered to let his domain name expire - I'm all over that, lemme tell you! I'll lock it up and all variations so that I'm the one you see when you go looking.

Speaking of which, I have another domain name to register, and I'm not sure if I should put another extension on my current one or go in another direction entirely. I've been thinking I could split my site and put the rescue/adoption stuff on the new site. Since only the extension would be different, it wouldn't be hard to cross-link them and the marketing wouldn't be any worse of an expense.

Pretty Girl REALLY needs a home! She took over the bed last night and poor Mr. Beasley hardly even got a snuggle. He's getting pretty distant because of her. He's so bad, he hardly even comes to my chair while I'm on the computer. She did very well, however. She wanted to nip at my fingers but I kept pushing them into her mouth and she gave up. She snuggled very nicely! Purrs and snurfs and lots of kneading. She's learned her lessons very well, and would make someone a fabulous pet. I'm just waiting for that person to come for her.

Princess is being kind of distant this morning, but she got good cuddles last night before PG came over. She's taken to sleeping on the bathroom scale (can't read it because she's over the window) and draping herself any old place she feels like. She looks at me when I enter the room and her eyes get big, but she's very accepting of cuddles.

Work search is still nonexistant. I just can't seem to call the agencies and see about work. Maybe I'll just give it up and go back to the job I left in February. They don't pay as much as I'd like, but at least it's a job. The worst part of them is the hours! I just don't want to work for anyone, and certainly not 2nd shift. I'd rather find a way to make my online life pay for itself.

Well, I've got an article to finish up so I can submit it. More later.

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Website linking, work, general update.

Things are getting better day by day. I lost my job Friday, just before the computer went down. It's been rough for a few months, since February, actually.

So, with lots of time on my hands, I'm working on the website. I finally got a link for one of my favorite products that I've been having to give directions to get to! It's called "Relaxi-Herb" and it actually helps in so many ways! It's the only thing I've ever found for male cat sexual aggression, and I'm so glad it's out there! It's good as a general relaxant, too, but this one use puts it far above all the rest.

Then, PetSmart and PetCo are playing games again. Lots of items are gone or removed - some of them are products I promote heavily because of their uses. Other items get the links changed almost weekly. I wish I could find the stuff elsewhere and drop them both! Just because they are big and I'm little, doesn't give them the right to mess with me so bad. I can't even get a reply email!

I swear, the little guys are so much better at customer service! When you are smaller, you take the time to cultivate relationships with your publishers so that you can get big. It's called customer service.

When they're big, if somebody doesn't sell $5000 or more a month for you, you totally ignore them instead of helping them to do better.

For the same reason, I don't like big banks, big hospitals, big doctor groups, big car dealers or mechanic shops (no franchises for me!), and I won't go to Wal-Mart. I prefer the small mom-n-pop shops and stores in town. I get better service, even if they dont' have the wide selection and I have to pay a few cents more. They will get me what I want, I just have to wait a little bit. It makes me think before I buy. Do I really need it or do I just want it? Wants are fine, but a need is more important. Too many wants being satisfied and your needs don't get met.

Rich Dad calls this the "doodads" that speak to us. Is it a doodad or will it help me to survive? Spending on doodads takes all my savings and puts me in the hole. Publishers Clearing House is a perfect example. You buy magazines that you don't want so you'll win their sweepstakes, then they start sending you ads for stuff you don't need and never knew existed. Before you know it you're up to your eyeballs in the "4-easy payment plan" billings and you can't buy groceries! No thanks! Been there, done that. No more. I just toss 'em.

Every time I get myself out of the hole, it just gets bigger. Being unemployed doesn't help. So, I'll have to hit the bricks tomorrow and find work. Meanwhile, I'm here - talking to whoever is reading, keeping my pain and fear in check.

About the cats - well, Pretty Girl is ousting Beasley from the bed. He snuggles a lot in my chair to make up for it, but PG really needs to find a home of her own.


Sunday, August 20, 2006

Testimonial, kitty update

I had some computer problems, but I'm back. Just before that, I got a fabulous letter from a reader that I published as a testimonial that I wanted to share. It was such a wonderful letter, that I almost cried.

Pretty Girl is learning how to train people, now. She and I had a talk the other night. She wanted to snuggle in be (usually reserved fro Princess and Beasley) and kept trying to "love bite" me. I told her that people were happy just with purrs and snuggles and that she didn't have to be quite so exuberent in her gratitude and love. She seemed to understand, and started cuddling and accepting love and strokes. I told her that we were easy to please and she liked that. Her purring grew louder and she snuggled more. She still can't stay still for very long when she's getting cuddles, but she's getting better.

Beasley loved the computer being down yesterday. He was constantly in my lap while I ran diagnostic after diagnostic. If I was in my chair waiting for one of the programs to finish, he was there. He purred a lot and even tried to get under my chin at one point. I think he misses our time together in my chair. The computer chair is fine, but he prefers being in my lap in the recliner.

Bugs came to cuddle a bit yesterday, too.

All for now!

Saturday, August 12, 2006

Current Projects, kitty update

I'm writing an article on how to identify abused cats.
On the website, I'm working on the product pages and just added an RSS feed page.

Cat Report
My cats are doing well. Pretty Girl really needs a home. I've been wondering if she would be good in a senior center as one of the resident cats. She is so gentle, loving and attention greedy, that she would love it. I worry about her biting though. She still wants to use her mouth to get more cuddles. On older people who bruise easily, that might not be something they want.

Beasley is really loving and wants a lot of cuddles. His tummy trouble has returned. He's having a lot of trouble keeping food down right now. I know he's not getting skinny, so he's getting some nutrition. I think he will be going to a raw diet when the girls leave. I can't keep Pretty Girl from his bowl, and that may also be contributing to his tummy upset. He needs to eat slower, and fighting for food is not conducive to taking your time.

Queenie, the black foster, is very snuggly right now. She is going into heat. That will mean that both she and Bugs will be getting spayed while in season. Not something I wanted to do, but I need to have them done. Bugs is so miserable, and she doesn't seem to be getting back to normal. I'm afraid she has a cyst and that by waiting, she will only get worse. She made a friend yesterday, though.

I had a friend over yesterday, and Bugs was being her miserable self. My friend pet her and was very understanding, and Bugs responded in ways I hadn't seen before. She was snuggling, kneading the couch and very happy. Not just the responses I've grown accustomed to when she is being petted or stroked. I think she really liked the attention and cuddles she got from my friend.

Princes, as usual, is above it all. She is so serene that she is an anchor of stability. She still only wants deep cuddles at bedtime, but she accepts light cuddles any time. She is accepting of Queenie, but the other two can leave any time and she wouldn't mind a bit.

Beasley is responsive to Queenie but not Bugs. He's neutered, and I think it's because Princess, his litter mate, is accepting Queenie. He thinks she is OK, and will follow her around. He doesn't try to swat her like he does Pretty Girl, when Queenie cuts him off. He just puts his nose in her hiney and then ignores or follows her, depending on what he smells. I caught him trying to mount Queenie once, and told him to stop, which he did. I'm pretty sure he'll try again when I'm not watching. I'm really glad he's neutered! I sure don't want any kittens.

I really hope someone adopts Pretty Girl. Her hair is growing in nicely, and she is really sweet. She slipped into the toilet yesterday, and was wet from the ribs back. She looked disgusted, but wasn't hurt. Her ears give her thoughts away. She twitches them and is very expressive through them. You can tell when she's thinking: disapproving, expectant, interested and so on. She has no poker face at all!

Well, more later. I want to finish the article and get it published.

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Weather, daily routine

Today, the cats are happy to be sleeping. It's so hot, even with the AC on, that they just want to laze around.

It got me to thinking about what I can do to cool them off. An ice cube in their water helps, and keeping the water bowls clean and the water fresh helps. They've been completely emptying one of the water bowls. I'm not sure if that's good or bad. It seems to go right through them!

Item: add litter to the shopping list

I wonder if shaving them into a Lion cut would help any. I read somewhere that all that hair serves as insulation, and they are cooler with it than without it. If they don't "come alive" after dark, I'll get out the clippers and at least shorten the long bits and bellies. I'll have tickle space then, too!

Not much else to report. Today was quiet. Only a couple of emails on the site. One was a long-standing problem that is getting addressed with me instead of a vet. Vet says there's nothing wrong, so it must be behavioral, and the poor cat is about to lose his home because of it.

Litter box problems and spraying are the 2 biggest reasons people get rid of their cats. It's a shame, really. Cats are telling us something when they won't use the litter box. They are such fastidious critters, that they really like a clean place to live.

I fixed a page on the website to make it more user-friendly. You can check it out if you'd like:
Cat Odor Control Products. It ties right in with this topic, so thought I'd mention it.

When you visit, please be sure to sign up for the Free eZine. There's a new issue every month with training tips and techniques, stories from the emails and lots of goodies that are just for subscribers.

Well, more tomorrow.

Tuesday, August 08, 2006


Good Morning!
Beasley is being my typing buddy this morning. He didn't get his nighttime cuddles last night. I fell asleep on him. Princess got lots of cuddles, though. She hadn't had any for a couple of days. She's pretty put-out by all the extra kitties.

Pretty Girl is now insisting on being held twice a day. She likes to be held like a baby, and never wants down. I wonder if a senior home might be a good place for her. She really likes to be center of attention!

Queenie's sinuses seemed better last night. She has allergies. She's not sick, but she wheezes sometimes. It really does seem to be allergies, and it's worse at night.

Bugs is just as stupid as a cat in heat can be! She's always rubbing my feet, impossible to train and just generally a miserable, silly kitty. She really needs to get spayed.

I'm reminded of "Penny" who wasn't worth 2 cents. It turned out she was in heat from the time we got her until she was spayed. No wonder she was useless! When a cat is in heat, that's their whole world. Nothing gets through the raging hormones. Bugs will be better as soon as she's done.

That's it for this morning. TTYL

Monday, August 07, 2006


Hi There!
My name is Morgen and I am an Online Cat Whisperer. I give advice to people who have and love cats when their cats are misbehaving, when they are bringing a new cat into their homes or when the household changes structure or members.

I am happy to share my experiences with you. There are times when I may ask for your help. There are times when you may know something that I don't - like the new advice about spaying or neutering animals at 12 weeks. That was pointed out to me in a google forum. I'm glad that the person posted that information. I would not have known about the study, otherwise.

I am NOT a vet. I am only a cat lover, like you. However, I know cats and how to get into their heads. I can figure out their thinking processes. I hope you will visit my website, write to me and that we will have a lot of fun together.