Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Store progress-

I called the agent and received no reply. I don't know what the problem is..... I have a friend in real estate, and maybe she will be more responsive. Maybe that property isn't the one I'm supposed to get after all.....

Oh Boy!

Oh Boy! I'm so glad I waited to put the newsletter together for March! There are some really good deals coming in! Usually, my article is ready and posted, so maybe the newsletter will get done in the wee hours instead of a week ahead this time.....

Some really good deals (picture me rubbing hands together in anticipation...)

Newsletter Signup Fixed

There had been a black hole that folks were getting stuck in when they signed up for the newsletter. I fixed it! Now, when you sign up for CatLover Magazine, you get signed up. That means you get the Free eBook, too. That was what told me something was wrong. I got 2 emails in 2 days about not getting the book. I fixed those, and then went about fixing the problem.

So, if you sign up for the newsletter, you will now get the opt-in message in your inbox. When you confirm, you get to download the eBook. That's the way I set it up, but it wasn't working. Now it is.


Sunday, February 25, 2007

The more I think about it...

I continue to think about that property. The more I think about it, the more possibilities I see in it. It would make an excellent first step, opening up the mail order and delivery side for me.

It would give me a permanent storage location for stock.
It would provide a living space that would be enough for me and these kitties.
It's close enough to a "main drag" that UPS and FedEx could find me regularly for pickups.
It's on a corner, easy access.
Plenty of parking for at least 6 cars.
Security grates on the windows of the store area.

If it should snow at all, access for trucks is cut off (but most of the town shuts down anyway)
No fencing around "private" areas.
No Garage, only a carport.

I still haven't seen the property. I guess I'll have to call the agent again and see what he can come up with to get us in for a viewing. I need to see if the apartment will need a lot of work for me to live there.

Fencing can be purchased and put up. That is a mild deterrent, and there is a chain-link on the one side. I didn't look at the other because I was going the other way.

The carport still gives shelter from rain and snow. That also is not a great deterrent. Also, lattice can be put up for privacy.

I've almost got myself talked into this property. I need to do a little more research. I hate that! I really need to see it, I guess.

Friday, February 23, 2007

Taking Little Steps...

I'm having to take little steps towards the store idea. I've found one property that offers all the things I want at a price I can afford but it has a bad location. I found another property at a little less than twice the price (still affordable, but out of my reach at present) that has a better location.

So, it looks like it will be a storage locker filled with stock and build the delivery business first. I will still try to get other items in and do some direct-shipping. I'm not sure how all this will pan out yet, but it's in the works, anyway.

The way things are, if you need 2 odor control products, you have to make 2 online purchases. What if you only had to make one purchase & I shipped it to you from me instead of 2 suppliers? You would only have one shipping charge, and in this case it would save you money. That's what I'm looking at.... Saving you money and still giving you quality.

I'll let you know as things develop.

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

New Pages Up

I've put up 4 new pages, written 2 articles and been running around like a pony on a merry-go-round! Lots of motion, but no real change in things (running around in circles). I've been able to clean my house. That's it!

This is just a check-in. More later. I have to go do more running around!

Saturday, February 17, 2007

Just found out about this!

I was on a forum for folks with websites and just found out that the Las Vegas pound is killing lots of animals due to an outbreak of Parvo Virus. Now, this usually only affects dogs. However, the shelter is putting healthy dogs down as well to control the outbreak.

That would be bad enough, but everyone around the area is taking the overflow animals so that the don't get put down. This is creating a total crunch. This is BREAKING NEWS! So, I'm adding some information for you in case you can help the folks doing the rescuing - the SPCA


If you can donate anything at all, they would appreciate it. I'll be sending a link so that some commissions get donated to them, as well. Buy some flea prevention from my website and you donate to them!

Monday, February 12, 2007

Food Rejected

We continue trying foods and getting the cats in better health. One of the foods is a reject. I found it at the supermarket, but the ingredients list was promising. However, the cats totally rejected it. Even Bugs, who will ONLY eat dry foods, rejected this one.

It's called "Organics by Nature" in the chicken formula. It promises no corn, wheat or soy. It's made in New Hampshire. The cats just refused it. I'm sure it's good food, and it smells good! However, they just will NOT accept it, so it's a reject. Since it's in the right family of foods - hypoallergenic for cats & grain free, you might try it with your cats if you want to. I don't think it's a bad food, but the cats just turned their noses up.

When Bugs is hungry, she'll eat what I put down. I left this for 2 days, and maybe a couple pieces were tasted, but the rest just sat there. Bugs started coming into the kitchen when I was there and begging for food. I knew she was hungry, but she wouldn't eat. I put down some Innova (regular grain-free, not the Evo) and she went for it right away.

I wonder if it might be the texture? This food is in the little crosses that so much of the crunchies are pressed into. But if the moisture content is too low, it might hurt their teeth or mouths to eat it. Even the Innova ends up in the water bowl to moisten it, sometimes.

Sunday, February 11, 2007

Local Store Carries More Than Expected

I stopped in at Agri-Feed on Middlebrook Pike yesterday. This is in Knoxville. I was pleased that they carry the Wellness brand and the Natural Balance along with the Innova. They don't carry the Wysong or Eukanuba, but they carry more than I expected. I can get those at Earth Fare.

However, when I told them I'd put a little spot on the blog, they didn't seem too interested, but up until then, they were nice. It seems like as soon as you tell them they are getting a write-up, the clerks turn on you in Agri-Feed. I don't know why that is. Up till then, they are very helpful, point you in the direction of things that solve your problem and offer solutions of all kinds. Don't the folks working there like it? Sounds like a management problem, to me.

Saturday, February 10, 2007

Nice Side Benefit!

Well, ALL the cats are eating the specialty food - no soy, wheat or corn. And a nice side benefit has developed - the stinky-poop is not stinky anymore!

I didn't expect that but it's really nice! Now, the only way you can tell I have cats - other than seeing them wander around, is the cat hair on stuff. Well, I guess 4 litter boxes also give things away....

Everyone is doing very well, and Bugsy, who started this journey, is just as spunky as ever - maybe more so! Her little personality is really shining! Yes, she's ready for a home, now.

Will I go back to other food after she's placed? With what I've learned, I doubt it. Even Pretty Girl the slug and cuddler, is more active. She looks for things to play with and other kitties to play with. Her fur is sleeker than the fluff that she had - not that she isn't still fluffy, but her fur shines more.

What will I do with those huge bags of food than nobody can eat that are taking up space in the cupboard? I think a rescue organization or the pound. I'll try the Knoxville Feral Caretakers Group, first. They don't have city funding, and they accept donations. The donations you give me to keep the website going and support these babies has gone into food lately, so I guess we'll pass it on and pay it forward to folks who need it. I told you that your donations support rescue efforts and it really does. I'll let you know what they say after I talk to them.

You know, when I was REALLY broke last summer, someone gave me a bag full of food for these guys. What goes around cones around. It's time to pass on the good fortune.

Thursday, February 08, 2007

New Catalog!

Only Natural Pet Supply is one of my favorite suppliers, and I received a new catalog in the mail.

Many of my suppliers send emails and ask me to visit their websites. I go as much as I can. Sometimes, the emails get garbled, so the links don't work and I have to read between the lines to figure out what they are highlighting this month. With Only Natural Pet Supply, the emails are usually pretty clear, and they include an informative article about once every 3 months.

Now, in my newsletter, CatLover Magazine, you get at least one article a month. Usually on training issues, but of course, this month everything is on the food issue that Bugs is dealing with.

Anyway, the point is that I don't get many paper catalogs from suppliers. Only Natural Pet Supply is one of the holdouts to this archaic way of doing business. While it may be old fashioned, I like it. They give a lot of information about their products in the catalog. I think it comes out about once every 3 months, but I'm not really sure. I'm a customer as well as a publisher, so I give them a LOT of business!

They have a new line of pet food called "Nature's Logic" that might interest some of you. I read the blurb on it, but I'm still undecided about it. I may get a small bag (it's dry kibble) and see how the cats do with it.

There is a new "generic" line of chinese herbals, for those who are into such things. I need powders and liquids for my kids, so pills are pretty much out. This new formulary may help that situation. However, from what I can see, everything is pressed into pill form. Capsules would even work! Why is everything a little pill that you have to push down a throat? Anyway, I digress.

There are 2 freeze-dried foods you might check out, Prowl Cat Recipe by Honest Kitchen and Nature's Variety brand in Chicken & Turkey, Beef, Lamb or Venison.

You save 5% on all orders over $75, so there isn't a lot of savings until you get a few things, but the quality is really worth paying full price!

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

So, what works?

I'm getting the links for the foods that work right now. Innova-Evo and Eukanuba Sensitive Stomach. I think you'll like the pricing and the shopping process.

I've got a couple of days to get the website "up to snuff" and post some links that reflect the current needs of my readers. I fixed the Cat Toys page, because it wasn't displaying correctly. I could not find the problem, and neither could my friend, so I re-structured the page and now it displays correctly. There will be other changes and updates, because things need to clearer for you.

However, I wanted to give you this right now. I think you need it so you can get the help you need for your cat.

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Bugs is Much Better!

Missy Bugsy Bits is much better! Her tummy seems to still be a bit hard, but the diarrhea is gone. She's having to fight everyone else for her food, as the Eukaneuba is a hit! The other crunchies are getting stale in the bowl.

This is the Eukaneuba Sensitive Stomach formula. Very expensive, but everyone seems to like it. So, we know something that works.

I still have the Innova Evo to try, along with the frozen raw food and some canned Innova Evo.

Monday, February 05, 2007

Results for Bugsy

Bugsy seems to be much better! She's been eating the Eukaneuba and the diarrhea is almost gone! She's still a little ripe, but most of the cats can be. Everyone likes the Eukaneuba more than the "regular crunchies" so I guess this is something that needs to be done for all of them.

Bugsy's fur is better, too. I've been putting a dash of the supplement in the water bowl, and that means that everyone is getting a little of it. The bowl isn't empty twice a day, like it was when Bugsy had the bad diarrhea.

They seem to like it, too. Fur is in good condition, kitties seem happy and calm.

That's the report for today.

Sunday, February 04, 2007

Bugsy Likes It!

Bugsy is eating the Eukaneuba. It seems that everyone else eating her food helped her decide that it was OK to eat. Queenie is especially interested in eating Bugy's crunchies! Well, Bugsy is eating again at least.

Her tummy is still distended, bloated and tight, but she doesn't seem to have the same kind of smelly diarrhea. At least the apartment doesn't smell as bad! Her fur is already shinier. I don't know if that's just her or if it's the food.

I also put a little of the supplement in the water bowl. It won't hurt any of them, and Bugsy really needs it. They seem to like the taste, too. Everyone had to sample the water!

Oh well, more as things change. At least these first impressions are favorable.

Saturday, February 03, 2007

Shopping Trip Results

Hi There,
I went to a couple of stores in the area and got some foods that said they were grain-free dry foods. Eukaneuba sensitive stomach and Innova-EVO. I also found some "treats" in the form of freeze-dried shrimp, chicken and beef. The chicken & beef has corn-starch in it, but we'll see. I was able to find a formulation with taurine in it, too. I found a frozen chub of raw, called Countrypet Natural Cat Food, fish and chicken recipe.

I've started with the Eukaneuba. Bugsy is turning her nose up and every one else is interested in it. She isn't even trying any of the shrimp! I got some toys and I'm using the freeze-dried stuff as treats.

Here are the items not listed above by brand name:
Pet Authority Cranberry & Papaya Digestive Supplement
This is a daily formula supplement with taurine

Dingo Kitty treats, chicken and beef
Old West Treat company, all natural shrimp cat treat

I also got one can of Innova-Evo canned food to see if I can get her to eat that.

It was an expensive shopping trip, but I got to have coffee with a good friend before I actually hit the stores.

I got everything except the Innova-Evo and raw food chub at PetSmart. The rest I got at a large health-food store called Earth Fare in Knoxville. We don't have a Whole Foods Market, but they probably carry these items, too.

So, that's what I did today - what about you?