Wednesday, March 25, 2009

New Sale from Foster and Smith

New sales! Hey, can't beat it with a stick!

Drs. Foster and Smith Inc.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Missy Fluffs

Missy Fluffs is still having some adjustment problems after her grooming session. Beasley is being a total putz! He hisses at her every time he sees her. It seems to be visual, not scent. The girls are doing better - Bugs is still having some trouble, but she's no longer hissing.

Poor Fluffy!

And she just can't get comfortable! Her skin is nearly exposed to the air, and it feels strange to her. She sits on the chair and shifts and twitches a lot. She finally gets comfy, and I scoot her off the chair so I can sit there, or so I can get up... Poor baby.

She's very snuggly, and she's her sweet self, but she is pouting a little bit. I almost wonder if I should make up a little kitty-sweater like those for chiuahua dogs. I know she'll get comfortable in a day or so, but the waiting and watching is hard to do.

Meanwhile, I keep telling her she's a pretty kitty and giving her as much love and affection as she will take. And I scold Beasley when he hisses at her. He pouts over that....

Can't win for losing, right now...

Pix when I can...

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Fluffy got clipped!

Boy! Does she look great! And her skin is in much better condition than it seemed to be, after she had a bath.

The groomer was Susie at Loving Hands Pet Grooming on Washington Pike, in Knoxville.

The charge was reasonable, and the service fabulous!

So much hair! No wonder I went through 2 clippers! Susie went through 3 blades on Fluffy. Yep, lots of hair!

Friday, March 13, 2009

Incredible Story of a Rescued Cat!

This poor cat got into a couch and the couch was donated! Well, the cat was found, and would you believe it! The person who bought the couch worked at an animal shelter. Talk about synchronicity!

The cat made it home OK, and there's a video to watch, here...

Cat Found in a Spokane Couch Just click on the picture.

Fluffy is getting groomed!

Miss Fluffy, on the left here, is going to finally get to the groomer on the 17th. She's been covered with mats for over 2 years.

I've been trying to remove the mats myself, of course. I've used a de-matting tool, 2 clippers (burned one set out, and almost burned out the second set) and gave up. I'm now using scissors to remove and loosen the worst of them. But she really needs a good clipping. Even under the chin!

Well, I found a local groomer who is willing. Fluffy is so sweet that "she makes my teeth hurt" so we'll see how she does with a stranger.

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