Saturday, September 16, 2006

Bugs/special offer on meds

Diary of a Cat Whisperer

It's been a couple of days. Bugs has been a real good girl! I put her in the carrier for 2 nights running and then let her loose after that. No yowling! My friend will get her done this week - I hope!

Meanwhile, everybody is doing really well. Bealsey is getting enough cuddles, Queenie and Pretty Girl are coming for cuddles every night. The only one not getting cuddles is Princess. She comes around and asks for them, but she doesn't get much time at night right now.

I've been learning to knit, and bound off my sample piece last night and gave it to the cats. They lay on it and move it around the floor. Meanwhile, I started a cardigan. I'm still using the book and will try some techniques on the back with other colors and stripes. On the front, I want to do a cable on one side and spots of color on the other. I'm only in the bottom ribbing so far, and it's slow going using the smaller needles for the ribbing. I'll need a larger needle set on the plastic cable for the body of the sweater. I guess I can use the straight needles, but I'm always afraid of dropping a stitch! And there are a lot of stitches for the back, too. It's a large panel.

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My best!