Sunday, May 22, 2011

My Cat From Hell TV Show

I caught this show last night and I was very impressed! Jackson Galaxy is very good! He puts the words out differently, but he says the same stuff I do. He just travels around and does it in person. I bet he's expensive!!!

But he says the exact same stuff I do. Instead of saying to let the cat lead the dance, he says to let the cat come to you. It means the same thing, but my language is more colorful and gives a nice picture.

I'm the ONLY one doing this on the internet. It's important to understand that. I love Cat Whispering, and I love helping people. I just don't travel well. I have my 5 cats that need attention, and I don't want to leave them all the time. If you are local, around Knoxville, TN, it's possible I'll come visit. But otherwise, for the price, it's a real bargain to have me counsel you by e-mail.

If he can get his rate, maybe it's time for me to raise mine so that I can actually live on it???

Instead of making myself available and being all about the cats...

Time is money, after all....

You know, the reason I don't take phone calls is because I lose my voice. You can't read lips over the phone...

Monday, May 16, 2011

Spoiled Cat Syndrome

I don't understand it, but Beasley is whining! He's driving me crazy!

I can't have a phone call, step out of the room, go to the bathroom, take a shower, or answer an e-mail.

I created this beast, and now I have to re-train him to let me have a life!

I love him dearly, and he's fed, warm, comfortable, has toys and friends. But if I'm not in my chair, offering my lap to him, he's out of sorts. I've spoiled him terribly, and it's my own fault. I love that he snuggles the way he does. I wake up to him snuggling me, I go to sleep with him snuggling me, I watch TV with him snuggling me. He makes it hard to type when he's on my lap. I can't see the screen because he's got his body blocking it (computer or TV). I've just given him everything he wants, and what he wants most is me.

Could be worse, I guess, because he could hate me instead...

Saturday, May 07, 2011

Vacation Until Thursday

I'll be out of town until Thursday. I'm visiting family. I'll have the laptop with me.

Have a great Mother's Day!