Saturday, October 29, 2011

Advertising in Person

One of the annual events I participate in, is the WUOT, or local public radio station, fund raiser. As my regular participation has yielded friends, I've been invited to participate in other things. It's been a pleasure to do this, but my time for one of these things is at an end. My poor body is about done with standing for more than an hour, and this year's "Boo at the Zoo" showed me just how long I could stand.

t's a five-hour stint of standing, entertaining, and handing out goodies to the local kids and adults who come to see what is up at the zoo, and to support the zoo. I made it three hours, and it took 3 days to recover.

But, because I knew it was likely to be my last time out, I went all-out in the costuming department. I was the "classical cat" (for classical music, and cats) while others in our group were other characters and personalities relating to our love of the station and it's programming. We have "Carl (chained to the) Cassil," "Wait, Wait Don't Tell Me! (there's a spider on my shoulder)," "Morning Edition (taking the photo, so not shown)," a "Foreign Correspondent," "Klick and Klack," a "Sports Reporter," and "Classical Cat." Here is a photo of our group...
I hope my body is better next year, and I can do it again, but if nothing else, I got to do it this year, and the memories will be there forever. We always have a good time, and handing out donuts at the end of the run is always fun!

Sticky, but fun!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Trying a New Crunchy

My pet supply store (Pet Supplies Plus) did it again - they put a fabulous product on sale, so I could afford it for a trial. They put a 2-for-1 price on Before Grain Cat Food by Merrick. I got a bag of Chicken and a bag of Salmon flavors.

My cats are ignoring the wet food and going for the chicken like nobody's business! I've never seen anything like it. Beasley, of course, could care less. He only eats dry food if there is nothing else available, but he snagged a couple of nuggets to see what everybody was so excited about. I had one of the girls shoveling it into her mouth & scattering it all over the floor in the process.

So, it's a hit. Now, if it reduces Bugsy's gas, that's a good thing. The flavor is one thing, but the quality of the food over the long term is a better thing. The ingredients list is a little confusing, but that's the added vitamins and minerals. There is nothing in the food that shouldn't be there.

Since I can't get Bugsy to eat any meat at all, this may be the answer. She certainly needs better nutrition than she's been getting.