Sunday, May 25, 2008

Getting back on track

I'm getting back on track!

I've had two counselings that could have been cut and dried but I followed my gut and gave some off the wall counseling - like "have your friend do this when you are away" and "check eyesight this way" and stuff!


I'm back!

Been too long!

Life is Busy!

I've been so busy!

I flew to California in April to help my sister as my Mom passed from this world. Mom passed in early May, and I came home a few days later.

When I got back, life hit like a ton of bricks! So much to do and so little time! I inherited another computer, some painting supplies and books. I had to make room for it all.

The cats have been very attached to me since I returned, too. They needed me, and I was gone a very long time! They have been clingy, loving and very vocal.

My newsletter readers got this news too, and I'm keeping a lot private that I don't want on the 'web.

I started my linking campaign on Flea Fighters, too. I don't have quite 30 pages yet, but the traffic is growing quickly. I put up another page and I think I'm about done. Not a lot of pages, but a lot of information! I still have some housekeeping to do, and I keep finding more MSDS sheets. I can continue to present the information in different ways, I guess.

Any articles I print that I find would pretty much say the same thing as what I have already. Any "novel" ideas, though - I'm all over 'em! ;>)

I had some trouble keeping up with my email counseling while I was in California. I didn't have internet for several days and when I did, my mind wasn't on cat whispering. I've caught up, but I'm still not being as consistent as I was before. That will improve as my mind clears. And I hope that my advice has not been flippant or shallow during this time.

Well, if I've missed anything, I'm sure you folks will let me know....