Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Fur People Update, Life Intrudes...

I've had a really hard time lately, in the financial arena. I put out a call to friends for referrals for work, and was able to make a little money.

One friend stepped up to provide cat litter. Another friend stepped up for cat food.

Meanwhile, I've cut the wet food to one can a day for the 3 who eat wet food, instead of 2 cans. That's 3.5 oz of wet per day. When you force a cat to eat dry food or go hungry, they will eat the dry food. However, that dry food must be of high quality, or the exercise is futile. The food I had in the house was for urinary tract health, which is an excellent start. Low magnesium is a good place to be.

However, my main issue with these 5 long haired cats, is hair balls, so, I've picked up some foods directed toward that malady. I have IAMS, CORE, Wellness and some Purina in the house right now. I've mixed them up for a nice variety, and I'm feeding all at once.

Mr Beasley is not very happy about it, but he's eating the dry food. He's my biggest complainer, and my baby, as you know. I accept full responsibility for making him that way...