Sunday, June 28, 2009

Disclosure of Payment Arrangements

In response to this post...

I am paid by my merchant partners when you purchase through the links I provide in my reviews. I do not accept free products or gifts for these endorsements. I actually purchase the products at the same price you get them.

I agreed to terms and conditions to become an affiliate partner. This arrangement is similar to a commission earned by a sales person. I use or have used each product I discuss; except for books, which meet the needs for educational programs I've found for you, or have been recommended by my friends. I purchase my own selections from the book merchants to be sure the process works correctly for you. That is my trust-building relationship with the merchant.

If you prefer to purchase the products without using my links, I hope you will. The merchant should not suffer because I recommend their product. However, it does help to pay for the cat food for 5 cats if you purchase using my links.

Thank you.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Who Am I? What do I Do?

I was asked to tell folks about my site and me, and how it works. This is what I came up with...

I am a cat lover and "cat whisperer" and I assist cat owners to keep their cats happy and keep the cats in their lives. I assist with badly-behaved cats and any situation where the owner or human involved cares to get counsel. I publish a monthly e-zine with training tips, health tips, and product reviews. My approach is as much holistic as it is mainstream.

Cats think differently than people, and sometimes it's just a matter of knowing what the problem is to be able to solve it. Other times, it takes a bit of detective work, and the owner's patience, while we sort it all out.

A cat that is attacking the owner is not likely to be kept in the home.

A cat that has turned mean to other cats or people can disrupt the peace and harmony of a home.

A cat that is urinating outside the box can be a true nuisance!

All these cats are in a real danger of being sent to a kill-shelter, and losing their lives, if not just their homes. So, I assist the people to resolution, helping the cat to remain in the home, and alive.

I work with cat owners, veterinarians, rescue organizations and adoption facilities. I also assist folks who want to work with cats as Veterinarians, Pet Sitters, Trainers, and Vet Techs, by offering resources and research to help them achieve their professional goals.

Question: Do you think I meet my objective?

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Christmas page

This is the new
Christmas stuff....

It isn't finished yet, so keep checking back.

Weather Outage

I had a service outage. A tornado came through and ripped up and knocked out trees - taking the service pole with it. There were downed lines for about 12 hours. I'm glad there was no one hurt, and it was an exciting storm to watch!

It took another day to get internet restored. All is well, now.

The cats? They freaked out! I've never seen that with them. They cowered next to me like I could save them or something if the roof came off. The near thunder/lightning (a tree was struck) disturbed them. The thunder wasn't what we are used to - it was the cracking, ear-splitting kind, instead. We usually get the rolling kind.

I'd post a picture if my camera still worked.

Sunday, June 07, 2009

Christmas in July...

Christmas is months away, but I will be busy building my new home over the months I normally work on the site. I'm starting to gather the information and items that will be available this year. If anyone has a need for a particular kind of gift, please let
me know.

There is more jewelery available this year. Some really cute stuff!

I'll post the page URL as soon as it's up. It may be another week or two.

Updated two pages

I updated two pages.

The Specialty Foods page now features the Natural Life food I talked about in the e-zine.

Specialty Foods for Cats

The Cat First Aid Kit page now features 2 books to keep in your kit. One is holistic, the other mainstream. Two options, both for home use. I suggest getting both the books.

Cat First Aid Kit

Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Been doing food testing

I've updated the Specialty Foods for Cats page. I've added some new foods and if you are subscribed to the e-zine, you have been getting reports on diet and various foods.

I strongly suggest, that if you are *not* subscribed to the e-zine, that you do so. I have little time right now to update or add pages, but I keep the e-zine issues coming. You will be pleased with it.

Most folks I hear from are happy with the quality information I provide. I hope you are among them...

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