Friday, September 29, 2006

Bonding Play

If you have more than one cat or a scaredy cat, bonding play may be the answer! Cats needs love and play to bond with you and other cats in the household.

What toys work well for bonding play?
You need a tickler wand or other interactive toy. These are widely available, but here are some you can try:

Cats Claws Cat Tail Jumbo Cat Teaser (29 inch Length Wand; Cat Tail)

Cats Claws Cat Tail Jumbo Cat Teaser (29" Length Wand; Cat Tail)

Mews Ments Feather Cat Teaser in Small (Small; 20 inch Length Rod)

Mews Ments Feather Cat Teaser in Small (Small; 20" Length Rod)

Cat Dancer Cat Charmer (16 inch Length Wand; 48 inch Length Fabric Ribbon)

Cat Dancer Cat Charmer (16" Length Wand; 48" Length Fabric Ribbon)

Pet Feather Teaser Cat Toy (30 inch Length Line; 36 inch Length Rod; Feather)

Pet Feather Teaser Cat Toy (30" Length Line; 36" Length Rod; Feather)

Cats Claws Interchangeable Cat Activity Toy System Pom Pom (29 inch Length Rod; 5 inch Length Pom Pom; Pom Pom)

Cats Claws Interchangeable Cat Activity Toy System Pom Pom (29 inch Length Rod; 5 inch Length Pom Pom; Pom Pom)

Mews Ments Multi-Color Ball with Fur Tails Cat Teaser Cat Toy (18 inch Length Rod; 2 inch Diameter Ball; Multi-Color Ball With Fur Tails)

Mews Ments Multi-Color Ball with Fur Tails Cat Teaser Cat Toy (18" Length Rod; 2" Diameter Ball; Multi-Color Ball With Fur Tails)

How is a bonding toy used?
The interactive, or bonding toys are used by you interacting with your cat. The cat isn't allowed the toy unless you offer it, so bonding is promoted. You will jiggle the toy so that the business end twitches. This will draw your cat to the toy. Allow your cat to attack the toy and capture it. Stop twitching the toy while the cat holds it, so that your cat can feel the success of it. Once your cat releases it's hold, jiggle the toy again and start over. Continue playing with your cat until your cat tires or gets bored with the toy. Give cuddles and a treat at this time. The more you play with your cat, the more your cat will bond with you. After each session, put the toy up and out of the cats reach. The cat will come to you and look at the storage location of the toy, asking for play. When this happens, you know your cat is bonded to you.

If you have more than one cat, do this for each cat. Once each cat is playing well and bonding with you, start to play with more than one cat at a time. Promote bonding between them by only playing with them until one cat drops out, then withdraw and put up the toy, give everyone a cuddle and a treat.

Continue to offer team play, but if any cat drops out, stop. It is very important to stop when a cat drops the team play. It gives the cats the opportunity to urge their play partner to keep going. You can always come back 15-30 minutes later and offer play to a different team or just one cat, but if it's team play, you need to stop when one drops out.

Treats are only used during bonding play while getting the behaviors started. Once the bonding has been achieved, treats are no longer needed, but some cats like them anyway. Follow your heart in this.

By doing the bonding play, you should see a marked difference in the behaviors of your cats. They will become more reliant on each other, and most of the scuffling between them will stop.

What about an aggressive cat?
This is an excellent training option for the aggressive cat! The aggressive cat will take out its aggressions on the toy instead of you. It will learn that you hold the toy and that the toy is unavailable unless you pull it out and offer it. This will lessen the aggressive behaviors toward you because the cat wants your attention in a positive way. It can use claws and teeth and you won't be angry with it. By withholding the toy, you may find the aggression returning, so other measures are needed, but this is a great way to start gentling your cat.

What about my scared cat?
Yes! Your scaredy cat will come out to play with you and the bonding can begin. Your cat will become less fearful and more integrated into the household. This is especailly true when there are more than one cat in the household and one hides all the time. Start by drawing your scaredy cat to the wand and promoting the bonding between you. Then, introduce the other cats, one at a time, to promote bonding between them. By introducing cats to each other using toys, pecking order scuffles are lessened, and even the most fearful cat will begin to bond with the pride in your home.

You can promote affection with your cat!
By using bonding play, your cat will bond with you, and will be more comfortable near you when not playing. You may find your cat sitting near you, sitting near your chair or even coming to your lap, by using bonding play. Your cat will ask for the toy, so it needs to learn to communicate that desire to you. Your cat will become more affectionate by learning to communicate.

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Another Update on Bugs

Well! It seems to be working! 2 nights, no yeowling. She still wriggles a bit when I pet her near my feet, but she doesn't stiffen when I pick her up to cuddle her. I gave her about 1cc last night. She's not terribly cuddly, but she is quieter, and accepts cuddles & doesn't want down right away, either.

So, Black Cohosh for a cat that needs to be fixed & is in pain after a certain amount of time, seems to be a good thing.

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Update on Bugs

Well, I'm trying the Black Cohosh. My friend got some 540mg capsules, and I emptied 6 into a cup of boiling water after I removed it from the heat. I let the infusion steep until cool and strained it through a coffee filter.

I rubbed a wet-finger full around her mouth three times, and she was quiet all night. She's still wriggly, and I don't know yet if it's working. I'm going to give a report in about 3 days, but I wanted to get down what I did and how I did it before I forgot.

If we can get her body responding better, she will be able to concentrate on cuddling, eating and playing with everyone else. Her life will be much fuller.

Monday, September 25, 2006


Work today is different, to say the least.

I expected to start a job at 11am today, got there & the job was cancelled. I'd turned down another assignment in the other direction because of the location, even though it was more money. Now, I have a solid 4 months in the area I wanted to work in, starting tomorrow, and it's for a church!

Talk about a "God Shot!" I applied at a church way west in the county about 6 weeks ago & didn't get the position. Now, I get to work for a different denomination and see if I really *do* want to work in a church. You know, my life is like that - AWESOME!

Life wasn't always like this, of course, as I was reminded today.

So, nights on the website, days at church, what could be better? I get to work God's Work in whatever way I turn, and this is just awesome!

Money will be tight for another month, then things should be about caught up, and I can get some new shoes. I'll be able to get the cats seen and taken care of & not have to depend on my friends and web visitors so much. I'll still depend on them, but not so much for money. That will help a lot. I hate to push, I hate to ask.

I was raised to be totally independent of the world. It's made for some interesting experiences. To be detached is healthy, to be independent can be a drag. Having to provide for all my needs, including emotional, all the time, was really draining. Now, I have friends and a life that I like. I'm detached from people, places and things, but I still become involved. I just don't care about the outcome of actions. I really do care, but I know today that I have no control over it, so it usually doesn't bother me too much. But to be independent of the world, if things don't work out right, everything can come crashing down around my ears. That's very uncomfortable. I like being detached a lot better.

Anyway, that's it for now. The kitties don't like Tuna, so I need to get to the store and get cat food.

Sunday, September 24, 2006

Scoop and Smooch

When you come in, whether you've only been outside for a few minutes or all day, pick up your cat by scooping it onto it's back and hugging it close. Smooch the forehead and cheeks (some can take lip-kisses) and then gently put your cat down. After a few times of this, your cat will actually sulk if you go get the mail and don't give it some "kissy face"!

This is a great tactic for letting a senior cat know he or she is not being replaced by a new littermate.

Mr. Beasley expects this every day, even if I don't go out! He loves to get his kissy-face before his supper.

Blogging/kitty update

I'm still getting the hang of this blogging thing. I hope you don't mind if I ramble now and again.

The cats are doing pretty well. Queenie realizes she's been adopted, and is constantly coming over for cuddles. I finally got a good couple of photos of her! She glistens in certain lighting conditions, but because she is black, it's hard to get a photo of her. I still have to take the photos from my camera, reduce their size & upload them- takes about an hour each photo, so it will be a while before they are posted.

Princess came over several times last night, and at one point I thought she might actually jump into my chair! Oh! I wish she would! I can't even pick her up- getting her to the vet is a major production! She has a couple of mats I really want to cut out, but I can't get near her with the scissors. You should see putting flea drops on her!!!! What a comedy!

Pretty Girl slept with me last night.
One of Bug's favorite things to do for a while was pee all over the house. I put out another litter box, and deodorized, which seems to have fixed that problem - but one of the large throw pillows hasn't made it to the trash yet, and Pretty Girl has made it her perch. I hate to toss it, but the stink may make it go away! Meanwhile, she loves it.

Beasley and Queenie played games on my chair last night. He would be sleeping peacefully, she would come over to cuddle him & he'd get all indignant and end up leaving. She would then curl up with the most self-satisfied expression on her face! I think she did it on purpose - I really do!

Pretty Girl is now called "personality plus" and her face is just as expressive as ever. The ear mites are gone, but she still has itchy ears. I wonder if I should give her more medicine.

I already wrote about poor Bugs, but she is just as sweet as can be again today. She never holds it against me when I put her in the cage. It doesn't really shut her up, but it stops that yeowling and "calling" sound. It also keeps the sound in one place, instead of all over the house, depending on what room she's in. I gave her some calming drops last night, but they didn't work. I was hoping; but really, the black cohosh will work best for her.

That's about it for now. I've tried to update the blog titles and stuff for you. I fixed as much as I could. I think (hope) I've got this figured out - at least the technical side of it.

New Shopping Mall

Christmas is coming up! Birthdays happen year-round. For those looking to do their shopping online, I've added a page for shoppers - it doesn't tell you products, just stores, so your shopping can support cat rescue.

If you feel uncomfortable making a donation online through PayPal, this option supports the website and the cats. Please use these merchants. Many offer deals and free shipping.

You can click on the title of this post or find the link on the bottom of the featured items page. For those who don't want the bother:
click the link for the page.

Prayer Saved Bugs Again

Last night, I'd had enough of Bugs and her yeowling again. She's been at it since Thursday, at the top of her lungs. Maybe the eclipse had something to do with it. Anyway, I finally had enough. I was thinking of drowning her in the toilet or dropping her off the bridge into the river. I prayed about my thinking. I got an answer: give her some Black Cohosh Root.

Black Cohosh Root is good for women during childbirth and menses to relieve the cramps and bloating. Valerian Root is also used. Both were in my home herbal collection for many years. I used to be a fair to middling herbalist.

So, I'm going to get some and give it to her. I'll be making an infusion (tea). It will be fairly strong, probably 1 tablespoon of herb to 1 cup of boiling water. After it cools, I'll have to figure out the dosing for her, but I suspect she will need at least a tablespoon to start. With herbs, you *can* overdose, but they usually self-correct and don't cause permanent problems. I've learned this is true in other applications.

So, stay tuned because if this works as well as I suspect, this will be something I put on the website as an option for others in this situation.

Meanwhile, her vet appt is Nov 19th. Yes, that long in the future. Poor baby is just going to have to suffer until then. I guess we need more vets in Knoxville, TN.

Saturday, September 23, 2006

New Page

I put up a new page, linked to the Apparel page. Click on "new page" above to get there. This page is all tee-shirts. Also, more christmas ornaments are up on CatChristmasFestive.


My Pet Care Philosophy

My philosophy for pet care is: the more natural the products, the better. The more we can assist nature without adding chemicals or manipulating the natural order of things, the better. I use play, herbal remedies and training to achieve the results we are all looking for. Often, pets are given "cheap" food in the mistaken belief that it must be OK or it wouldn't be on the shelf. Just because "Twinkies" are on the shelf, doesn't mean they are good for you! High quality food will overcome deficiencies to a degree, but sometimes supplements need to be added, tonics and herbal preparations used, to overcome malnourishment and nerve damage. Proper balance is when the pet is healthy, has a good coat, listens to it's owner, responds in the desired way, and training is easy.

Updated L&F to the Blog!

Wow! I just got a new look and feel, and it looks great! Let me know if anything needs help, or if anything is hard to read. I'll be glad to make the changes things need, but this looks a lot better than the plain white I was working with before!

Saturday, September 16, 2006

Bugs/special offer on meds

Diary of a Cat Whisperer

It's been a couple of days. Bugs has been a real good girl! I put her in the carrier for 2 nights running and then let her loose after that. No yowling! My friend will get her done this week - I hope!

Meanwhile, everybody is doing really well. Bealsey is getting enough cuddles, Queenie and Pretty Girl are coming for cuddles every night. The only one not getting cuddles is Princess. She comes around and asks for them, but she doesn't get much time at night right now.

I've been learning to knit, and bound off my sample piece last night and gave it to the cats. They lay on it and move it around the floor. Meanwhile, I started a cardigan. I'm still using the book and will try some techniques on the back with other colors and stripes. On the front, I want to do a cable on one side and spots of color on the other. I'm only in the bottom ribbing so far, and it's slow going using the smaller needles for the ribbing. I'll need a larger needle set on the plastic cable for the body of the sweater. I guess I can use the straight needles, but I'm always afraid of dropping a stitch! And there are a lot of stitches for the back, too. It's a large panel.

Anyway, not much else to report. Regular readers may be interested in this, however:
PetCare RX has given us an exclusive coupon for the month. It expires on Octover 14th, so when you order from them in the next 30 days, you want to use it. Pet Care RX already guarantees 50% savings on pet supplies, so this is a really good deal!

You get $25 off any order over $100, use coupon code:

My best!

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Bugs and Work

Diary of a Cat Whisperer

Bugs was at it again Sunday night. I only got about 4 hours of good sleep and the rest was broken. I was SO tired yesterday! She spent the night in the carrier & I'm in a much better mood this morning.

Everybody else came for cuddles last night. Poor Beasley didn't get any because everybody else was all over me.

A friend has offered to get Bugs to the vet for me in exchange for some of my hairdressing skills. Sounds good to me! Barter is always a good thing...

The job is OK. Not very stimulating, but comfortable. The people seem to have a great working relationship, tease each other and play practical jokes on each other. There is one opening, and as long as my input is accurate, my speed may interest them in me for it. I'm not really concerned at the moment. The other person from the agency wants to go permanent, but I'm not all that sure. This is what I used to call my "dream job" because there isn't any stress, just a lot of work to be done.

However, I would rather work for myself at this point in my life. I don't like company scheduling requirements, the distance I have to travel to get there or the cost to my online life. It just isn't interesting anymore. The money is nice while it lasts, but there is no security in working for others. It's a false hope. I guess I've just changed my viewpoint too far.

Well, gotta get ready for the job, so I'll be off.

Saturday, September 09, 2006

Kitty Update

Bugs didn't have to be put in the carrier last night. She behaved herself, or I was too tired, don't know which. Anyway, I slept a good 10 hours. I sure needed it!

Pretty Girl hasn't been cuddling much lately, so I pulled her into my lap last night and gave her all she wanted. It was a good 45 minutes. I'd treated the ear mites the night before - the 7th, and she wasn't sure she wanted to be handled. However, the cuddles were just what she needed. She's a happy cat again.

Beasley, I'm sorry to say, is very unhappy. He got treated too, and he didn't like it a bit! He only got one ear treated, though, while Pretty Girl had both ears done. Queenie also had one ear done. Those were the only places I saw anything.

Princess is attacking Bugs at least twice a day right now. She's so fed up with Bugs coming up to me while Princess is getting cuddles. Princess doesn't ask often, so I always try to give her cuddles. I even flinched once when Beasley wanted on my lap because of Bugs' constant neediness. He took the hint & skedaddled, but I felt bad. He only wanted snuggles, after all.

I got Beasley up on the chair last night, too. I let him play a little bit with the teaser wand and when he was over that, I let him settle down & then pulled him to my lap. He didn't know what to think at first, but it was all good - lots of cuddles and snuggles.

Princess woke me up this morning with snuggles, so I know those 3 are doing well. Queenie is even getting snuggles and cuddles pretty well.

If Bugs would quit yowling, everybody would be happier, and she would get a lot more cuddles, too. Ah, well, once I get a couple of paychecks in, I can get her done & the household will be much happier all around.

Makeup is hiding the rings and circles around my eyes, so I don't look too bad. My eyes are so dark, I don't need any eyeshadow, just a little mascara and the coverup stick. It actually looks pretty good!

Now, what to do about my hair? I really need it cut and I found a hairdresser I'm willing to trust with it. I told her "No conditioners or any treatments - allergies and very fine hair" and I think she understood. It will be nice to have it done. I'll have to tell her again when I get the cut, but at least she understood that I don't want any conditioners. I told her no blow dry, too. Nothing! Just wash and cut.

Theres' a movement afoot to put on classes about building successful websites - of course I'm getting involved with it. Community service classes at the local Jr. College. Not bad, hunh? More on that another time. It's still in development - at least I don't have develop it!

Thursday, September 07, 2006

Pray for Bugs

I've about had it with Bugs. She keeps waking me up. I look like a raccoon! Big brown circles around my eyes, upper and lower.

At least I got a temp job! I start on Monday, and it's only scheduled for 3 weeks, but I understand they have a habit of hiring folks permanent. We'll see. If I like it and they like me, maybe I'll stay for a while.

Nothing will work, though, unless I can get Bugs to let me sleep. I've been putting her in the carrier at night, so even if she yowls, she's not in my bedroom. With the fan on, I don't hear her. Don't worry, I let her out first thing in the morning, and I make sure she has a direct line to the litter box.

I just can't handle this lack of sleep! I'm absolutely wiped all the time. I want to take her to the humane society. I can't even get her in to be fixed until mid/late october! Nobody has any openings. I'm truly about over this. I don't think I'll ever foster again. I can't take this.

Too many cats! Now, Mr. Beasley has even picked up ear mites from them. I'm totally over this.

They need homes. I can't handle it any more. I keep asking for help, but I'm at the end of my rope. Nobody will come forward and take them.

Well, enough. I'm just ranting at this point. I probably will sleep on it and give them another day. I know me too well...

Sunday, September 03, 2006

Lost Post? and TOBI

I thought I'd posted on 8/28. Oh, well. The lady who wanted my girls decided she didn't want to deal with claws, so she's not getting the girls. When you think about it, all cats have claws, so I'm glad she's not getting them. Sorry for my girls and Beasley and Princess, but glad that Pretty Girl and Bugs aren't going someplace where they can't be themselves.

Anyway, it's a new month and things are still pretty grim around here. I haven't done much but work on the website for the last 3 days. The house is a mess and I just can't deal with anything but the computer. My cats are coming over about every 2 hours to get attention, but other than that, I guess I'm just really focused. I've been getting and checking links for the products, fixing little things all over the place and putting up articles. I think I've added about 10 pages in the last 4-5 days.

At least I'm still eating on a schedule, if not much else. The weather has been sticky beyond belief and I just can't sleep.

One really good thing happened - I found the FURminator at one of my favorite suppliers, so now I can really sell it. I also found a favorable review of it in Consumer Reports for October 2006 (the newest issue) so I feel real confident that they ARE the best! I already knew it, but until what I thought was stated by somebody else that people respect, it was only me out in the wilderness telling folks. Now, with CR behind my words, I feel a lot better about selling the heck out of it!

My next eBook should be up this coming week. That one will be $7.99, and be on building a bond with your cat. I have enough material for about 6 eBooks, and I hope to get them all up in the next couple of months.

My web hosting company, SiteSell! is participating in a 10-week college course in Canada. I loved the idea, and I've contacted another webmaster using them in Knoxville TN to see if we can go in together and teach such a course here. It sounds like a lot of fun, and I've learned so much in the last few weeks working with my partner, Liza Schmitt in South Afrika, that I feel I can really give something to the participants. I hope we can get it together! What an opportunity to help others make money and find freedom!

Well, I guess that's all for now. I need to pay attention to my house and cats sometime today, and I guess now is better than later. I really love them, but I've been so busy in the last few days! Looking back at how many pages I've put up, I can see how busy I've really been!

Saturday, September 02, 2006

eBook Up!!!

WooHoo! I got my first eBook up! It's on Cat Urine Odor Solutions, and is for folks who sign up for the eZine, CatLover Magazine. I'm offering it free to them, and current subscribers will also be able to get a copy.

I have a couple of other eBook ideas, and they will be sold somewhere on the site. I don't know where, yet.

My poor Beasley is so depressed that he won't even play! I pulled the toys out last night and got him in the bedroom with me - the girls were easy to keep out, and he played for a few minutes and then wanted out. I played with the girls, too. After Mr. Beasley had his fill.

A cat I've had the pleasure of featuring before on my site is still in need of a home. Cordelia is a tortie maine coon in East TN. At least she isn't in my home with the others! So, I'll be featuring her and Pretty Girl pretty soon.

Not much else to talk about at the moment.