Sunday, April 24, 2011

How Old Is Your Cat?

I found a cool post from the HSUS that tells you how to figure out the approximate age of your cat. Use this link...

Cat Age

It also shows how to figure out the age of dogs. Pretty cool!!!

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Amazing Phone Call!

I got the most amazing phone call! A woman called asking if I was a cat shelter - she had to move and find homes for her cats.

I could hear the desperation in her voice, so I didn't let her hang up right away, and I knew she wanted to. She was defeated and discouraged. By a string of bad luck and bureaucracy, she lost her home - with 30 days left, she had to find a home for cats ranging in age from one year to 10 years. All fixed, none declawed.

I was able to point her in the right direction and maybe find homes for the felines.

It felt so good to be able to help! I can't take any more myself - having 5 is a financial burden when you are unemployed, disabled, and a student, like myself. But I try my best to help others, regardless.

I pointed her to Yahoo! Groups, and to Petfinder. Not so much for her to post her cats, since she has such a short time and Petfinder charges for listings - but to find folks around her that may have a foster situation going and could take her cats. If not permanently, then at least for a while till she got back on her feet.

I just wanted to share this - it was so extraordinary! I've been in a quandry about the website for so long - not knowing what direction to follow next, and not really having time to fix the stuff that keeps going wrong, either.

I just fixed a page, and already the images have been moved! I guess I'll have to download the images and then upload them to the site so that I have them. It's such a pain that my merchant partners can't be helpful and keep their images in one place - even when the links contain the images! Oh well.... That's another story for another day...

Friday, April 15, 2011

Product Review: Advantage II

I got some Advantage II last time instead of the regular Advantage. For clarification, I always get the purple package, as all the cats are over 9 pounds.

I got a pack of 12, which covered the cats for 2 months with 2 applications left over.

I'm not really happy with it. The regular Advantage kills the fleas. Advantage II also kills the larvae and eggs, which is why I got it. But it doesn't seem to kill the fleas (full sized adults) as well.

I have carpet, and the fleas live in it - they lay eggs and the carpet is full of eggs now. Even after multiple vacuumings, it seems we are inundated with fleas. It's even worse since I applied the Advantage II.

I'm using my premise spray (Siphotrol) and salt. I tried the diatomaceous earth, but it plugged up my vacuum so bad that it stopped working, and I had to fix it. So, I'm back to salt.

That's my report. If things get better, I'll let you know.....

Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Wow! Just realized something...

I lost my aunt on April 1 or thereabouts. My dad passed on May 1. My mom on May 2. Strange!

Goodies Coming....

I've been offered some goodies for you, but I'm having trouble getting to the links. There's an ad on the site that keeps blocking my access. I've notified the vendor, and I'm sure it will be removed. Meanwhile, keep fingers crossed. The items/links will appear here as soon as I can get them...

Friday, April 01, 2011

Pre-Planning for My Cats

I just lost a beloved aunt. Unexpected for sure, but she lived a full life.

It got me thinking again about how to care for the cats should something happen to me. My health isn't that great, and I'm older - not as old as she was, and I continually work to improve my health...

But still...

What if something happened to me? When I have surgery (planned) I can prepare for my cats and have someone take care of them. When I take a trip, I prepare, and have someone take care of them. But what if it wasn't planned? What would happen then? I have a neighbor who has a list of phone numbers to call, and she knows where the food is - but when the food runs out? If my sister can't get here to take care of things in time?

One of my readers sent me this link. It answers a lot of these questions, and I hope you will also find it useful...