Saturday, September 09, 2006

Kitty Update

Bugs didn't have to be put in the carrier last night. She behaved herself, or I was too tired, don't know which. Anyway, I slept a good 10 hours. I sure needed it!

Pretty Girl hasn't been cuddling much lately, so I pulled her into my lap last night and gave her all she wanted. It was a good 45 minutes. I'd treated the ear mites the night before - the 7th, and she wasn't sure she wanted to be handled. However, the cuddles were just what she needed. She's a happy cat again.

Beasley, I'm sorry to say, is very unhappy. He got treated too, and he didn't like it a bit! He only got one ear treated, though, while Pretty Girl had both ears done. Queenie also had one ear done. Those were the only places I saw anything.

Princess is attacking Bugs at least twice a day right now. She's so fed up with Bugs coming up to me while Princess is getting cuddles. Princess doesn't ask often, so I always try to give her cuddles. I even flinched once when Beasley wanted on my lap because of Bugs' constant neediness. He took the hint & skedaddled, but I felt bad. He only wanted snuggles, after all.

I got Beasley up on the chair last night, too. I let him play a little bit with the teaser wand and when he was over that, I let him settle down & then pulled him to my lap. He didn't know what to think at first, but it was all good - lots of cuddles and snuggles.

Princess woke me up this morning with snuggles, so I know those 3 are doing well. Queenie is even getting snuggles and cuddles pretty well.

If Bugs would quit yowling, everybody would be happier, and she would get a lot more cuddles, too. Ah, well, once I get a couple of paychecks in, I can get her done & the household will be much happier all around.

Makeup is hiding the rings and circles around my eyes, so I don't look too bad. My eyes are so dark, I don't need any eyeshadow, just a little mascara and the coverup stick. It actually looks pretty good!

Now, what to do about my hair? I really need it cut and I found a hairdresser I'm willing to trust with it. I told her "No conditioners or any treatments - allergies and very fine hair" and I think she understood. It will be nice to have it done. I'll have to tell her again when I get the cut, but at least she understood that I don't want any conditioners. I told her no blow dry, too. Nothing! Just wash and cut.

Theres' a movement afoot to put on classes about building successful websites - of course I'm getting involved with it. Community service classes at the local Jr. College. Not bad, hunh? More on that another time. It's still in development - at least I don't have develop it!