Saturday, May 13, 2017

We are Friends!

Well, it's taken a while, and a lot of work, but Kitty (nee' Pebbles) is finally a friend.

Miss Kitty allows petting and sits on my leg - as long as I'm not on the computer!

She may have an angry expression, but she is sitting on my lap and likes to be pet - gently!
She doesn't like the scratching that other cats like, but prefers a gentle stroking. She will allow me to lay my hand on her back while watching TV, but she doesn't like being held.

She's under the table here, looking at me for a treat or meal. She's very vocal about food.

She likes the window. She looks out and flirts with the firemen when they come with ambulances here to take folks for treatments.

She's on the foot of the chair. You can see I have only a little of the space for my feet, as she lays in the sun and near me at the same time.
She's a blessing, to be sure.
She is extremely motivated by food - still. I have her on 1/2 of a 3.5 ounce can of pate' a day. She likes fishy flavors better than beef or poultry. She still doesn't care much for crunchies, but she will eat them better if I mix in a premium food with them. She eats 3x a day - Breakfast and supper with a treat before bedtime. She also likes any treat food I'm eating. I've caught her in the bowl of potato chips or popcorn more than once! She has to approve it, you know...

She doesn't seem to care for catnip. She smells it, but isn't motivated by it. She hates the vacuum, and is curious about visitors. She's not above digging under the covers if she's cold - whether the bed is made or I'm in it!

She still wakes me up before I want to get up, but we've come to a truce of sorts... She wakes me, I pet her and she leaves. She's been acknowledged, and that's all she wanted - besides breakfast. And if I sleep too much longer, she will let me know and come back.

Her fur is silky and soft. Her claws have grown out. She likes her routine, and she loves that I'm home most of the time. She flirts by laying on her back and expecting you to cuddle her. But don't! She will bite. So, I gently stroke the top of her head and she likes it.

She loves to play. She discovered Beasley's mouse, and it's her favorite toy. She also likes Da-Bird, but tires easily. Only a few minutes at a time, although several times a day is fine.

She loves her nose rubbed.

That's an update on my Kitty. She's beautiful, friendly, set in her ways, and very delicate. She has an aloof sensibility, but she's caring. I think she would like another cat, but we can only have one, so she's on her own.