Sunday, March 25, 2007

Pet Food Recall

The pet foods involved have pretty much been removed from the shelves at your local store. They were all wet foods in cans and pouches. The "cheap" wet I use was not part of the recall, thank God! I use both Friskies and 9-Lives along with the Innova EVO canned.

The Innova has emerged as the dry food winner, too. If I had the money, I'd use the EVO canned all the time! But, with 5 cats, it's too expensive.

Just wanted to update you.

Stuff Not Available-Spring Cleaning

I had another incident of a supplier pulling their line this month. The register filters, ceiling fan dust catchers and the over-the-door cat activity center all disappeared this month. The supplier apparently went out of business or otherwise pulled all online efforts to reach customers. The products are no longer available no matter the reason.

This is the second time this has happened to me/us! At first, about a year ago, it was an odor control measure that I was promoting heavily, but now - right in the middle of promoting spring cleaning, the products go unavailable! I'm so angry I could spit!

The odor control measure was replaced by a much better product, Microbe Clean, but it was a shock and a blow at the time. So is this, but we will survive.

AND, I'm working very hard to provide alternative items. I'm also looking for ways get additional sources or go to the manufacturer myself, much as I did when I temporarily lost the HAV-A-HEART trap supplier I originally found 2 years ago. Over 100 people checked out the trap during that time, and I'm sure that all this is confusing for the general customer/reader.

I know, as a small businessperson, that if I lose supply for an item, I have an option of finding another, comparable product, or looking for that branded product from another supplier. Sometimes, the item is not available at all no matter how hard I look - the manufacturer might have stopped making it or gone out of business; or perhaps their supply of some crucial raw material has dried up or become scarce. This is all part of the global economy. It's the ebb and flow of business.

So, bear with me and I will find comparable products to reduce the allergens in your home. I promise I will. I have several folks I'm talking with right now who are working with me on this. Some of the best allergy sites on the internet used the same stuff I had, so we are all in the same boat. We need to get to the manufacturer, and I'm not in a position to do that - so I have to wait for them to do so.

It's a business thing - classification of business - so don't worry about it. It just means that the manufacturer won't work with me as he might with another website with another focus.

Anyway, stay with me & we'll get it fixed. We'll get a replacement.

In the mean time, try using a light mist of water and a damp towel or sponge to wipe up the allergens. If nothing else, you will be cleaning the house. Don't use a dry cloth to dust, always use some substance to catch the dust - water or furniture polish, it doesn't matter. Just use something to keep the dust from flying around like what happens with a dry cloth or broom.

Check here and the newsletter for notification when the new products are available.

Taking My Own Advice

I'm taking my own advice and getting ready for spring. I've been brushing, combing and FURminating the cats for the last couple of weeks. Even though they are wearing the Breakaway Collars so that there are no fleas, I found a flea. So, I went to Entirely Pets and ordered some Advantage drops.

It looks like Bugsy has graduated to the purple, but Queenie is still in the orange. I ordered 12 purple and 4 orange. There is a new formulation I'd like to try, the "Advantage Plus" but you need a prescription from the vet to order it. It takes care of ear mites as well as fleas. I'll talk to my vet and see if I can get a prescription FAXed over to them.

My order was just under $130 so I got free shipping and took advantage of a $3 off coupon from the newsletter.

Saturday, March 17, 2007

Pet Food Recall!!

Several of the boards I read have been talking about a pet food recall in the last day or so. I got on and read this, and then I clicked the link below to find out more.

PLEASE go to the site and check. The ingredient that's involved has been taken out, but the stuff causes renal failure in cats AND DOGS so it's very important. I'm not happy that this isn't being released to the new agencies in the US since it mostly affects the US. We can handle that by taking our money out of their stock, but meanwhile, check your cupboard to see what you have in the house that is on this list. Some very expensive brands as well as store brands are listed.

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Adding my other networks

I added my contact info to the blog. I don't know how to get the care2 stuff on here, but check them out. Care2 is cool because you can click to donate or sign petitions world wide.

Anyway, that's it for the moment.

Contact Changes

I had trouble with getting too much email and not being able to keep up. Plus, I got resentful that nobody was paying for the service so I felt I was being taken advantage of. Not a good combination! Especially when I was getting so much email --

So, I took the contact form down for about a week, but I missed the contact with my readers. I put up a form as a guideline to writing to me at the PO Box. I advise on the page that this is not a free service, and that I expect $8.50 USD in check or money order with the request for help.

I also found a great video that I plugged into the page that gets sent around on my business cards:
It's something fun and fits right in with a home-based business and the website. Go see the video! Have a little fun this morning...

Well, the new job keeps me hopping, so I gotta go. Still working on bringing classes to Knoxville and teaching people who want to work from home all about websites and get them thinking about how to go about it.

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

New Job &Changes

I started a new job yesterday. I even stayed late! I was so tired after I got home that I was falling asleep during a weekly book study with a friend. I was embarrassed, but she was understanding. But, things are looking up. I know that I'm needed and that I will be making a positive contribution.

Working full-time again means that I won't have as much time to devote to the website. I can't "hover" over the emails like I used to. I'm thinking about pulling the contact form and making it so that if someone needs to consult with me they will have to pay a lot more than the email counseling is set up for now, or just making it much more difficult to do so. The purpose would be to deter "fluff" questions and keep it to really tough issues. That would free up my time from the questions that are already answered on the website, and still give me some issues to address. I haven't done anything yet, but I will review that over this week. The new job is quite demanding of both energy and thought, so I don't have as much left over when I get home.

Beasley and Princess had a cute play session: They were playing "chase me-chase you" and Princess went behind the loveseat. Beasley was on the floor in front of the loveseat and kept looking where she went in for her to come out. He was at the other end. Meanwhile, Princess came out behind him, tagged him and took off. He nearly jumped a foot off the floor! They were so cute playing together! Anyway, they caught up to each other and then the game evolved into something else.