Friday, February 20, 2009


I've been watching the world I'm used to melt away into nothing. The economy and the government are dealing with such serious issues, that talking about cats seems really trivial. I'm still here, still working behind the scenes, helping folks with their cats. But somehow, it doesn't seem like a really important thing right now.

Does anyone have any ideas to put folks to work? Let's do this ourselves. It looks like the government is pulling out "Politics as Usual" and fighting with themselves in a circle-jerk. I'm fed up with the lack of real help for people who are hurting. So, I'm asking all the readers - do you have any ideas? Let's just run them by each other, OK? No flaming, no judgements. Just toss out the ideas. After we get about 20-30 ideas on the table, we can start narrowing the field.