Sunday, September 24, 2006

Blogging/kitty update

I'm still getting the hang of this blogging thing. I hope you don't mind if I ramble now and again.

The cats are doing pretty well. Queenie realizes she's been adopted, and is constantly coming over for cuddles. I finally got a good couple of photos of her! She glistens in certain lighting conditions, but because she is black, it's hard to get a photo of her. I still have to take the photos from my camera, reduce their size & upload them- takes about an hour each photo, so it will be a while before they are posted.

Princess came over several times last night, and at one point I thought she might actually jump into my chair! Oh! I wish she would! I can't even pick her up- getting her to the vet is a major production! She has a couple of mats I really want to cut out, but I can't get near her with the scissors. You should see putting flea drops on her!!!! What a comedy!

Pretty Girl slept with me last night.
One of Bug's favorite things to do for a while was pee all over the house. I put out another litter box, and deodorized, which seems to have fixed that problem - but one of the large throw pillows hasn't made it to the trash yet, and Pretty Girl has made it her perch. I hate to toss it, but the stink may make it go away! Meanwhile, she loves it.

Beasley and Queenie played games on my chair last night. He would be sleeping peacefully, she would come over to cuddle him & he'd get all indignant and end up leaving. She would then curl up with the most self-satisfied expression on her face! I think she did it on purpose - I really do!

Pretty Girl is now called "personality plus" and her face is just as expressive as ever. The ear mites are gone, but she still has itchy ears. I wonder if I should give her more medicine.

I already wrote about poor Bugs, but she is just as sweet as can be again today. She never holds it against me when I put her in the cage. It doesn't really shut her up, but it stops that yeowling and "calling" sound. It also keeps the sound in one place, instead of all over the house, depending on what room she's in. I gave her some calming drops last night, but they didn't work. I was hoping; but really, the black cohosh will work best for her.

That's about it for now. I've tried to update the blog titles and stuff for you. I fixed as much as I could. I think (hope) I've got this figured out - at least the technical side of it.

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