Thursday, September 13, 2012

Rescinding Website Sale

I've rescinded the sale of the website. I've discovered more copying, and instead of adding more content, I'm pulling it off the internet come the end of the year.

I'll add all the content I've been preparing, and not posting, and make it into a book. I actually have enough content for 3 books, and that may be what I do. I was just getting ready to post about Chronic Renal Failure (Fluffy is affected) when I discovered that my last page was already copied on the internet under another URL.

Whoever this person is who is copying my content, they have succeeded in putting the website out of business. I won't post new content just to have it stolen and posted elsewhere. And my ezine is not any more secure than my pages, since I archive the issues for folks to read who subscribe.

There are measures in place to stop the copying, and I probably have legal recourse, but this is the only way to stop him/her for good. I've changed page names, changed links, and re-written content, but there is a mirror site someplace picking up every change I make as fast as I can make it.

It's hard to let this go. I love the website, and I love what I've been able to contribute. I love helping folks with their cats. But enough is enough.

In one way, it's flattering to be copied.  But when it hurts my website, and my income, I can't continue to allow it to continue.