Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Weather, daily routine

Today, the cats are happy to be sleeping. It's so hot, even with the AC on, that they just want to laze around.

It got me to thinking about what I can do to cool them off. An ice cube in their water helps, and keeping the water bowls clean and the water fresh helps. They've been completely emptying one of the water bowls. I'm not sure if that's good or bad. It seems to go right through them!

Item: add litter to the shopping list

I wonder if shaving them into a Lion cut would help any. I read somewhere that all that hair serves as insulation, and they are cooler with it than without it. If they don't "come alive" after dark, I'll get out the clippers and at least shorten the long bits and bellies. I'll have tickle space then, too!

Not much else to report. Today was quiet. Only a couple of emails on the site. One was a long-standing problem that is getting addressed with me instead of a vet. Vet says there's nothing wrong, so it must be behavioral, and the poor cat is about to lose his home because of it.

Litter box problems and spraying are the 2 biggest reasons people get rid of their cats. It's a shame, really. Cats are telling us something when they won't use the litter box. They are such fastidious critters, that they really like a clean place to live.

I fixed a page on the website to make it more user-friendly. You can check it out if you'd like:
Cat Odor Control Products. It ties right in with this topic, so thought I'd mention it.

When you visit, please be sure to sign up for the Free eZine. There's a new issue every month with training tips and techniques, stories from the emails and lots of goodies that are just for subscribers.

Well, more tomorrow.

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Hi Morgen!
Just wanted to say I'm loving your blog, thanks for sharing!