Saturday, August 12, 2006

Current Projects, kitty update

I'm writing an article on how to identify abused cats.
On the website, I'm working on the product pages and just added an RSS feed page.

Cat Report
My cats are doing well. Pretty Girl really needs a home. I've been wondering if she would be good in a senior center as one of the resident cats. She is so gentle, loving and attention greedy, that she would love it. I worry about her biting though. She still wants to use her mouth to get more cuddles. On older people who bruise easily, that might not be something they want.

Beasley is really loving and wants a lot of cuddles. His tummy trouble has returned. He's having a lot of trouble keeping food down right now. I know he's not getting skinny, so he's getting some nutrition. I think he will be going to a raw diet when the girls leave. I can't keep Pretty Girl from his bowl, and that may also be contributing to his tummy upset. He needs to eat slower, and fighting for food is not conducive to taking your time.

Queenie, the black foster, is very snuggly right now. She is going into heat. That will mean that both she and Bugs will be getting spayed while in season. Not something I wanted to do, but I need to have them done. Bugs is so miserable, and she doesn't seem to be getting back to normal. I'm afraid she has a cyst and that by waiting, she will only get worse. She made a friend yesterday, though.

I had a friend over yesterday, and Bugs was being her miserable self. My friend pet her and was very understanding, and Bugs responded in ways I hadn't seen before. She was snuggling, kneading the couch and very happy. Not just the responses I've grown accustomed to when she is being petted or stroked. I think she really liked the attention and cuddles she got from my friend.

Princes, as usual, is above it all. She is so serene that she is an anchor of stability. She still only wants deep cuddles at bedtime, but she accepts light cuddles any time. She is accepting of Queenie, but the other two can leave any time and she wouldn't mind a bit.

Beasley is responsive to Queenie but not Bugs. He's neutered, and I think it's because Princess, his litter mate, is accepting Queenie. He thinks she is OK, and will follow her around. He doesn't try to swat her like he does Pretty Girl, when Queenie cuts him off. He just puts his nose in her hiney and then ignores or follows her, depending on what he smells. I caught him trying to mount Queenie once, and told him to stop, which he did. I'm pretty sure he'll try again when I'm not watching. I'm really glad he's neutered! I sure don't want any kittens.

I really hope someone adopts Pretty Girl. Her hair is growing in nicely, and she is really sweet. She slipped into the toilet yesterday, and was wet from the ribs back. She looked disgusted, but wasn't hurt. Her ears give her thoughts away. She twitches them and is very expressive through them. You can tell when she's thinking: disapproving, expectant, interested and so on. She has no poker face at all!

Well, more later. I want to finish the article and get it published.

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