Wednesday, August 23, 2006

catwhisperer domain in UK, kitty update

Well! I got a letter today from the "" domain in UK. He said I've been referring folks to him! Actually, his domain name is his problem. But, I offered to exchange a link with him to see if that might help. He offered to let his domain name expire - I'm all over that, lemme tell you! I'll lock it up and all variations so that I'm the one you see when you go looking.

Speaking of which, I have another domain name to register, and I'm not sure if I should put another extension on my current one or go in another direction entirely. I've been thinking I could split my site and put the rescue/adoption stuff on the new site. Since only the extension would be different, it wouldn't be hard to cross-link them and the marketing wouldn't be any worse of an expense.

Pretty Girl REALLY needs a home! She took over the bed last night and poor Mr. Beasley hardly even got a snuggle. He's getting pretty distant because of her. He's so bad, he hardly even comes to my chair while I'm on the computer. She did very well, however. She wanted to nip at my fingers but I kept pushing them into her mouth and she gave up. She snuggled very nicely! Purrs and snurfs and lots of kneading. She's learned her lessons very well, and would make someone a fabulous pet. I'm just waiting for that person to come for her.

Princess is being kind of distant this morning, but she got good cuddles last night before PG came over. She's taken to sleeping on the bathroom scale (can't read it because she's over the window) and draping herself any old place she feels like. She looks at me when I enter the room and her eyes get big, but she's very accepting of cuddles.

Work search is still nonexistant. I just can't seem to call the agencies and see about work. Maybe I'll just give it up and go back to the job I left in February. They don't pay as much as I'd like, but at least it's a job. The worst part of them is the hours! I just don't want to work for anyone, and certainly not 2nd shift. I'd rather find a way to make my online life pay for itself.

Well, I've got an article to finish up so I can submit it. More later.

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