Sunday, August 20, 2006

Testimonial, kitty update

I had some computer problems, but I'm back. Just before that, I got a fabulous letter from a reader that I published as a testimonial that I wanted to share. It was such a wonderful letter, that I almost cried.

Pretty Girl is learning how to train people, now. She and I had a talk the other night. She wanted to snuggle in be (usually reserved fro Princess and Beasley) and kept trying to "love bite" me. I told her that people were happy just with purrs and snuggles and that she didn't have to be quite so exuberent in her gratitude and love. She seemed to understand, and started cuddling and accepting love and strokes. I told her that we were easy to please and she liked that. Her purring grew louder and she snuggled more. She still can't stay still for very long when she's getting cuddles, but she's getting better.

Beasley loved the computer being down yesterday. He was constantly in my lap while I ran diagnostic after diagnostic. If I was in my chair waiting for one of the programs to finish, he was there. He purred a lot and even tried to get under my chin at one point. I think he misses our time together in my chair. The computer chair is fine, but he prefers being in my lap in the recliner.

Bugs came to cuddle a bit yesterday, too.

All for now!

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