Tuesday, August 08, 2006


Good Morning!
Beasley is being my typing buddy this morning. He didn't get his nighttime cuddles last night. I fell asleep on him. Princess got lots of cuddles, though. She hadn't had any for a couple of days. She's pretty put-out by all the extra kitties.

Pretty Girl is now insisting on being held twice a day. She likes to be held like a baby, and never wants down. I wonder if a senior home might be a good place for her. She really likes to be center of attention!

Queenie's sinuses seemed better last night. She has allergies. She's not sick, but she wheezes sometimes. It really does seem to be allergies, and it's worse at night.

Bugs is just as stupid as a cat in heat can be! She's always rubbing my feet, impossible to train and just generally a miserable, silly kitty. She really needs to get spayed.

I'm reminded of "Penny" who wasn't worth 2 cents. It turned out she was in heat from the time we got her until she was spayed. No wonder she was useless! When a cat is in heat, that's their whole world. Nothing gets through the raging hormones. Bugs will be better as soon as she's done.

That's it for this morning. TTYL

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