Saturday, August 26, 2006

Pretty Girl & Bugs found a home!


The article was approved at, but got stuck. I don't know if there were a lot of articles submitted or what, but mine still hasn't been reviews and published. The other 2 article houses I use, I'm going to be giving a different article in the next few weeks.

The problem I've been having with the C-Dox links is still in process of being resolved. I expect some more information next week. I really like that stuff, but I guess it's not available any more through my supplier. I'm trying to find the maufacturer so that I can continue to offer it.

There are other problems with the links to that supplier, so those are also being addressed.

Beasley is now so depressed that he's not even coming over to my recliner while I watch my evening TV shows. I think he'll be a lot happier when Pretty Girl and Bugs leave. I've never seen him this unhappy.

I went to a women's business expo today. Most of the people there are doing affiliate marketing of some kind. The usual - tupperware, prepaid legal services, mary kay, avon, pampered chef, and many smaller ones. There were a few people there with something they actually made or designed, but mostly it was the affiliates. I did what networking I could. I felt like an outsider. More than ever, I want to open my own store!

Yeah, I've been thinking about opening a store. A cats-only petstore. We don't have one here, and I found the perfect name for it. I would carry inventory of what I sell on the website and refer folks to the website for cat whispering services. I would only feature cats from the rescue organizations, instead of the pound, like all the other pet stores use. I think that cats in rescue need as much exposure, although I understand why the cats in the pound are usually featured - our pound is a kill-shelter. I'd probably take 5-8 cats from there, and then 3-4 from rescue over a weekend as well.

I'm still working up the numbers, so it won't be in the next 6 months. Stay tuned, there may be an Angel out there who wants to see this happen, too.

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