Saturday, October 28, 2006

Wow! It's been a while- flea treatments

I got the flea collars and Ovitrol from Entirely Pets on Tuesday or Wednesday. I put the collars on the cats. They are supposed to last 8 months! Boy, that was a nice surprise! I also sprayed the building as much as I could.

The fleas are now biting ME! So, I've been dealing with flea bites and getting rid of them as best I can. I comb the cats as much as they will allow it. The alcohol on the comb really works, and I can get the fleas dead before they jump off and go someplace to hide and bite me again later. It's the ones that get away that end up biting me.

Princess has been very skittish - not surprising considering the flea treatments going on around here, but she's slowly warming up again. She spent some time snuggling this morning.

Everybody else is doing well. Even missy Bugs is doing well! She slept on the bed last night and didn't squirm around at all - now it's Queenie doing the squirm dance. The black cohosh is still working.

Bugs has come up with a new behavior - when you flush the toilet she comes running to see if the lid was left up and she can get water without the tea in it. I tell her that the chlorine isn't good for her and to drink the water in her bowl. She looks very disappointed, but does what she's told. It's cute, but I've been so tired at night after work that it feels annoying.

Work is very difficult during the last 10 days of the month. And, since the holidays are coming up and I work in a church, it will only get more busy and hectic in the next 2 months.

All I can do is pray, breathe in and out and tackle the next item on my list. I'm working on the effect of stress in my life, and office work always touches that nerve.

On the bright side, the website is doing gangbusters! I'm very pleases. Google is doing their every-other-month dance and traffic is dropping (in my case holding steady) and every one is complaining about it. My site seems to be holding it's own, and the financial end is excellent with the new structure. I got the books split into several pages so that things are easier to find, and now I'm finally moving on with other product pages. I have the collars, tags and leads in process.

I started the next newsletter issue, and I have subscriber-only specials in the newsletter itself instead of on the specials page, so that's a change. I'm also publishing more often. I need to write my article on black cats and hallowe'en, but it feels like I let time get away from me and it won't ever get done.

That's it for now.

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