Wednesday, October 18, 2006


I feel totally whipped by this cat! I hate to admit that, but I do.

She will only use the litter box once a day - to poop. She squatted over the tub drain and looked straight at me and let loose. I've tried everything I recommend. I wiped the inside rim with feces and urine, I changed the litter type to clumping after 3 days, I put her in the box when she wants to use the tub. The only time she'll use the box is during my shower when she can't get to the tub.

I have too many cats to allow one free run who won't use the box. The others would be drawn into the bad behavior and that's going backwards. I hate to do it, but she needs to be an outside barn cat or something where her habits won't be an issue. She can't come back.

When I placed her after the initial rescue, she had impeccable litter habits. The people I gave her to let her box get really bad and didn't deal with it. Then, there were changes in the household - the daughter showed up and left, her son went to live with his dad and finally a new boyfriend showed up. That was the end of her good behavior. She pooped in an inappropriate place and he threw her outdoors. She never had a chance! When they moved out and left her, taking her in seemed like the right thing to do.

She's so eaten up with fleas that she's miserable, and the worms have her tummy very distended. She needs serious attention. The bathroom is covered in little blood drops from the flea bites. I'll need to use bleach when I clean it.

I feel really bad about this, and I hate to admit I'm whipped, but I need to clean my bathroom from the flea dirt. It's been over a week, and she's not using the box. She goes to the humane society today. Maybe someone needs a barn cat. Let's pray for her.

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