Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Poor Little Muffy

Little Muffy is so malnourished! I had no idea...

She is so skinny that she looks skeletal. She's going to need lots of quality food and love to get better.

She's kind of funny. She hisses and growls at me while seeking cuddles and love. Her breath is bad, too.

She is tub/box trained at the moment. She won't pee in the box. I didn't have time to change the litter so the box smells like the rest of the cats and she's peeing in the tub. She uses the box for poo. I'll change out the litter and wash the box and that should help.

She's very pretty, by the way. That was one reason it was so easy to place her. Half her face is beige, the rest of it is black. Right down the middle. Her chin is tortie. She's a medium hair tortie. Her colors are pronounced. She has orange, beige and black, a little bit of tabby striping in one of the orange spots. A photo will really help. Her ears are big, indicating that she is attentive to people. She's very curious, but she always was. She needs a home where the owners will love her and take good care of her. She's been through so much!

She's about 22 months old, spayed and her shots are up to date. However, I no longer have any paperwork on her health, so she'll need to see the vet for more vaccinations and certs.

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