Sunday, October 01, 2006

We need more Veterinarians!

We need more vets!

Veterinary colleges only accept 40 students a year, so the colleges are highly competitive. If you think you want to be a doctor, try vet school first. If you can get in, go for it!

To get into vet school, you need to have excellent grades (top of your high school class, honors) and a demonstrated interest in animals. 4-H members have a good shot, but that doesn't mean you can get in. There are only so many vet colleges and only so many spot open in any year!

Petition your local university to offer veterinary degrees. Because these colleges are so exclusive, you can present it as prestigious to the university or college. To become a vet, it costs students an average $161,000 to complete their degrees. The courses are expensive to put on, and expensive to take.

Over the life of a veterinarian, the DVM will make an average of $80,000 a year or more. Out of that, they will pay their staffs, and cover the office costs.

A good vet-tech in the office can bring in other income as they can offer vaccinations without the veterinarian's actually having to be in the room. The Veterinarian is ultimately responsible for oversight of staff and treatment, but can delgate a lot of responsibility to less highly skilled staff.

A surgical nurse can be used to help with spay and neuter activities or a clinic can be put on that is subsidized by the Humane Society or rescue organizations once a month.

Please consider this career path. We really need more vets!

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