Saturday, October 21, 2006

General Conditions of my cats

The cats now have 4 litter boxes, as I got another one last weekend. When I cleaned the bathroom, I removed the food and water bowls from there, so they only eat in the kitchen now.

They got fleas from my walking through the building where Muffy was running loose, but they have a much worse infestation at this point.

Bugs is doing very well. She's cuddly and loving. Queenie is now sitting in my lap when Beasley is not there, and Beasley is no longer running away from her all the time. Whe had a spat the other night, and it was Princess on Queenie.

Pretty Girl is very snuggly. She has an opportunity to go to a pet rescue event tomorrow, but I'm waiting to hear if they have a large cage to show her off in.

Beasley is allowing me to use the flea comb on him. I found an article that said using alcohol on the comb will stun the fleas, making it easier to get rid of them. I filled a little jar with alcohol and put it next to the comb so I can dip the comb and have better luck getting rid of them - instead of combing them off onto ME! So, we'll see how that works.

I rearranged the bedroom last weekend, and the cats are having fun with the new arrangement. I put the bed against a different wall and completely re-made it. The frame fell apart when I tried to move it (not unexpected) so I had to get bolts and nuts to put it back together. Then I could put new sheets and stuff on it. But I really re-made the bed. It should hold together for another 3 months, at which time I need to get or make a new frame. I won't be able to fix it again. It's made from particle board, so it falls apart easily. Without tools, it's hard to repair things made of wood!

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