Monday, October 16, 2006

Muffy's Progress

Miss Muffy is quite a challenge! She got to where she would poop in the litter box using regular clay litter and then I changed the litter type on her to the clumping stuff. She's totally off the box again.

She put up with such a bad litter box for a while where she was living, that she started going wherever she was - so they started making her an outdoor cat but intended to leave her because they couldn't take her to the new place.

Now, she won't even use the box - and I have to either remove her from the home or let her run loose Wednesday morning. That's the deal - 3 days, and I need my bathroom back. It's really bad in there!

She's still a little afraid of the box, but she's purring and wants attention. I wish she would use the box, I hate the alternative....

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