Tuesday, October 10, 2006

OH NO! Another Cat!

OH NO!!! Another cat has come to live with us! Now there are 6!

Let's back up a little bit, shall we? When I took on the 3 fosters I currently have, I picked up a 4th cat, Muffy. I found her a home right away. She was "lucky" and ready to go. I placed her and now I've had to re-rescue her. The lady I placed her with is moving and intended to abandon the poor cat. So, since I couldn't get her into the humane society or any of the other shelters, I had to keep her.

She's currently in the bathroom to give everybody else a chance to get used to the idea. She hisses at me when she smells the others on me, but my pride is doing fine so far.

Mr Beasley is probably going to try to run away pretty soon - too many females!

At least this cat is spayed! As soon as I get her socialized and get a good photo, she'll get a spot on the website so that I can get her placed. Yes, she is up for adoption - like Pretty Girl, Bugs and Queenie.

I PROMISE I will NEVER foster again - EVER!!!!

Too many cats - too many cats - too many cats - too many cats - too many cats

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