Saturday, February 03, 2007

Shopping Trip Results

Hi There,
I went to a couple of stores in the area and got some foods that said they were grain-free dry foods. Eukaneuba sensitive stomach and Innova-EVO. I also found some "treats" in the form of freeze-dried shrimp, chicken and beef. The chicken & beef has corn-starch in it, but we'll see. I was able to find a formulation with taurine in it, too. I found a frozen chub of raw, called Countrypet Natural Cat Food, fish and chicken recipe.

I've started with the Eukaneuba. Bugsy is turning her nose up and every one else is interested in it. She isn't even trying any of the shrimp! I got some toys and I'm using the freeze-dried stuff as treats.

Here are the items not listed above by brand name:
Pet Authority Cranberry & Papaya Digestive Supplement
This is a daily formula supplement with taurine

Dingo Kitty treats, chicken and beef
Old West Treat company, all natural shrimp cat treat

I also got one can of Innova-Evo canned food to see if I can get her to eat that.

It was an expensive shopping trip, but I got to have coffee with a good friend before I actually hit the stores.

I got everything except the Innova-Evo and raw food chub at PetSmart. The rest I got at a large health-food store called Earth Fare in Knoxville. We don't have a Whole Foods Market, but they probably carry these items, too.

So, that's what I did today - what about you?

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