Monday, February 12, 2007

Food Rejected

We continue trying foods and getting the cats in better health. One of the foods is a reject. I found it at the supermarket, but the ingredients list was promising. However, the cats totally rejected it. Even Bugs, who will ONLY eat dry foods, rejected this one.

It's called "Organics by Nature" in the chicken formula. It promises no corn, wheat or soy. It's made in New Hampshire. The cats just refused it. I'm sure it's good food, and it smells good! However, they just will NOT accept it, so it's a reject. Since it's in the right family of foods - hypoallergenic for cats & grain free, you might try it with your cats if you want to. I don't think it's a bad food, but the cats just turned their noses up.

When Bugs is hungry, she'll eat what I put down. I left this for 2 days, and maybe a couple pieces were tasted, but the rest just sat there. Bugs started coming into the kitchen when I was there and begging for food. I knew she was hungry, but she wouldn't eat. I put down some Innova (regular grain-free, not the Evo) and she went for it right away.

I wonder if it might be the texture? This food is in the little crosses that so much of the crunchies are pressed into. But if the moisture content is too low, it might hurt their teeth or mouths to eat it. Even the Innova ends up in the water bowl to moisten it, sometimes.

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