Saturday, February 10, 2007

Nice Side Benefit!

Well, ALL the cats are eating the specialty food - no soy, wheat or corn. And a nice side benefit has developed - the stinky-poop is not stinky anymore!

I didn't expect that but it's really nice! Now, the only way you can tell I have cats - other than seeing them wander around, is the cat hair on stuff. Well, I guess 4 litter boxes also give things away....

Everyone is doing very well, and Bugsy, who started this journey, is just as spunky as ever - maybe more so! Her little personality is really shining! Yes, she's ready for a home, now.

Will I go back to other food after she's placed? With what I've learned, I doubt it. Even Pretty Girl the slug and cuddler, is more active. She looks for things to play with and other kitties to play with. Her fur is sleeker than the fluff that she had - not that she isn't still fluffy, but her fur shines more.

What will I do with those huge bags of food than nobody can eat that are taking up space in the cupboard? I think a rescue organization or the pound. I'll try the Knoxville Feral Caretakers Group, first. They don't have city funding, and they accept donations. The donations you give me to keep the website going and support these babies has gone into food lately, so I guess we'll pass it on and pay it forward to folks who need it. I told you that your donations support rescue efforts and it really does. I'll let you know what they say after I talk to them.

You know, when I was REALLY broke last summer, someone gave me a bag full of food for these guys. What goes around cones around. It's time to pass on the good fortune.

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If said...

I love cats too! They've got this mysterious charm that intrigues and fascinates me the most.. what a shame my Dad doesn't allow any pets in our place .. XD
Keep up the good work. :)