Sunday, February 11, 2007

Local Store Carries More Than Expected

I stopped in at Agri-Feed on Middlebrook Pike yesterday. This is in Knoxville. I was pleased that they carry the Wellness brand and the Natural Balance along with the Innova. They don't carry the Wysong or Eukanuba, but they carry more than I expected. I can get those at Earth Fare.

However, when I told them I'd put a little spot on the blog, they didn't seem too interested, but up until then, they were nice. It seems like as soon as you tell them they are getting a write-up, the clerks turn on you in Agri-Feed. I don't know why that is. Up till then, they are very helpful, point you in the direction of things that solve your problem and offer solutions of all kinds. Don't the folks working there like it? Sounds like a management problem, to me.

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