Friday, November 26, 2010

Flea Update...

Well, it turned out that Bugsie was telling me all about the fleas. I rubbed her down with NEEM oil, and they quieted for a while.

I ordered some Siphotrol premise spray...

which took too long to get here by UPS for my comfort (actually only 5 days) and when it arrived, I ordered some Advantage...

which arrived a few days later by mail. I've treated all the cats and the fleas are dying. I need to treat the premises again, since the fleas were so bad that they were hiding in places I didn't think to spray - like the closet, under the bed, the cat beds, and so on. I've changed sheets twice, and I'll have to do it again, and spray each layer as I add the sheets back.

Yep, we were infested alright!

Now, I have to purchase advantage another month-worth, and get the infestation out of the yard, which is where they are coming from. I'll need a yard fogger and more premise spray. The diatomaceous earth is good, but just not good enough.

Part of this is carpet. I haven't had carpet for several years, so they have a place to hide now. I have to keep the carpet treated all the time. I have DE in the carpet now. However, it's sitting on top of the carpet - even after 2 weeks. It needs to get down to the base of the fibers. I'll have to invest in a rake to get it there, and keep the top of the carpet sprayed with the premise spray. Salt works too.

The other part is where they are coming from - the yard and driveway. We humans walk from the cars to the house, and they jump on us for a free ride inside. I need to treat the yard and entire premises.

So, this might be entitled - "How to De-Flea Your Home" instead of Flea Update!


It would be really nice if I could take the cats out for a flea-dip and fog the house, but Queenie won't have it. I can't get her near a carrier. At least not and keep my skin intact....

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