Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Cat Meowed All Night

I tossed Bugsie out of the bedroom last night. She likes to cuddle by burrowing into my underarm area. She kept this up last night and kept waking me up, so I tossed her out of the bedroom for a cat-free night. She wouldn't quit complaining about it.

All night, she tried to get back in the bedroom - rubbing on the door, burrowing under it, and meowing. Not until I finally got up 20 minutes early, and talked to her - including a floor cuddle - did she stop. I think she felt really rejected that I turned her out after she tried to cuddle.

The issue is the fleas. I'm working very hard to keep them out of my bed. I clean all the flea-dirt off the sheets in the morning before I make the bed. I use an extra flat sheet to cover my bed during the day, and I change that often. I try to keep the cats away from my pillows and head. Still, I've had to wash sheets twice extra in the past 2 weeks because I'm changing the sheets more often. The fleas are horrible!

I'm exhausted. Another cat-free night tonight, with ear plugs.

I wish the mailman would come and bring my flea stuff. It would make things a lot more pleasant.

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