Thursday, November 11, 2010

Cat Food Review

It's rare that I have to make an unflattering review of any product. I hate to do it, really. But my integrity with my readers is too important for me to fudge the truth. Here goes...

The product is ProPac Superpremium Adult Cat Food, Hairball Formula.

The truth is, my cats would rather go hungry than eat it.

I bought a 6 lb bag at Agri-Feed Pet Supplies for $9.97. Not cheap, but not the most expensive food on the shelf, either.

Results, as seen with my 5 cats...

There were 2 bowls full of food with clean fresh water between them. The cats were begging for food, and the bowls were not touched. This was after they had eaten the food for about a week. Something really bothered them about it. I then replaced one of the bowls with a bowl of cheap (by comparison) Friskies and put it next to the bowl of ProPac. The cats cleaned out the bowl of Friskies for several days running, never touching the ProPac bowl.

This is disheartening to me. ProPac brand has all the good things I want for my cats - no grains, added nutrients, 29% protein, and so on. The laboratory analysis says it should be perfect for my cats. And the ingredients are what I'm looking for - wholesome, people-grade protein sources.

This is not a reflection on Agri-Feed at all. They did nothing but carry this food. Their price and service was exceptional, as always. They are a serious source of alternative and quality foods - in fact, they carry my (and the cats') favorite, Innova Evo, which is out of our price-range right now. I only mention them to tell you how much I paid for the food and the source.

This review is about the food, not the store.

The local shelter can use the food. Maybe some of their cats will eat it. Mine certainly told me that they won't.

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