Sunday, April 22, 2007

Updates - oh boy!

I updated my browser (mozilla Firefox) and it's causing a lot of trouble right now. I added a bunch of "add-on" features and I'm training the program to work the way I want it to. It might take a few days, with the amount of browsing I like to do and the little time I have available to do it!!

I want you to know that I'm "dealing with" the employment situation, too. Life is too short to be angry, lonely and tired all the time because of a job I don't really enjoy doing that much. The money doesn't pay for happiness, only bills and to keep the internet working. But with no time for internet, cats, and friends, what good is money?

A group of us are getting ready for a weekend in Akron, OH in June for "Founders Day" celebrations. If you are a friend of Bill W., you know what I'm talking about.

The efforts I've put in so far to get a college signed up for SBI-University have just about died. I need to get moving on that, but I feel so drained, that I haven't been pursuing it. I have the name/number of a lady at my next attempt, but no time to call her when she might be there. I'm tired of phone-tag and leaving messages - it just shoots down all my efforts. I need f2f meetings with these folks.

Well, pray for me that I get a new position with less hours, doesn't rub my morals the wrong way, allows me to feel that my efforts count for something, and pays enough to stay there. Something that gives me enough free time and energy outside of work to be able to re-design the website the way I want it to look, to be able to go forward instead of stagnating, (or dying?) like I am now.

"All organisims are in motion - they are either growing or dying. If they appear stagnant, they are decaying."

It would be nice to begin taking requests for help from my website visitors again, too. That whole set-up is changing again. Not to confuse you or charge very much ($5-$7 - haven't decided exactly - post a comment if you have a preference), and it will be interesting to see how things go.

BTW - I'm re-designing the website and I started doing it the "old" way and have to re-do my work. Not a real big deal, because I didn't have that much coded yet, but it is really revolutionary for me. The new concept L&F should be easier on the eyes, and I hope that you can find your way around quickly, too. I have to go back to paper & pencil, though, to get it laid out correctly.

There will be a newsletter issue in May, and some of the changes will be talked about there. I might even put up a few pages in the new format and allow folks to get a peek at what things will look like. I don't expect to put out a newsletter in June at the moment, as I plan to convert the entire site to the new format that month instead - but that's still up in the air. I might just put out a notice email instead of a newsletter issue. At least this is my HOPE - there's a LOT of work to be done and my time is extremely limited, as you know.

Anyway, the cats are good, and I have some stories to share, but I'll get that next time. I have things to do at the moment that are pressing on me, so I have to leave the computer......

Back later with more...

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