Sunday, April 22, 2007

Telling Tales...

Well, now for some kitty tales...

I got sick with a sinus infection and had a lot of trouble breathing at night. I started keeping the kids out at night and they didn't like it any better than I did. As I got better, I would allow one or 2 in the bedroom with me at night - the kitty had to let me sleep and not sleep too close to my face.

So, the first night was Pretty Girl (Fluffy) because when I was chasing everyone out, she hid. She snuggled until I got fitful and then slept in her hidey-hole box. She was pretty cool about it the next day, but everyone was upset with her anyway.

The next night, it was Beasley and Bugs. Bugsy likes to sleep at my knees, and she is very clingy otherwise. She was easy. Beasley was really cute! He had to be in front of my face (with enough space so I could breathe) and getting strokes and cuddles every time I turned over. He was head butting me, purring loudly and very snuggly. I hadn't realized how much he missed cuddling in bed. He's had trouble since Princess came - the first few months we lived here. He's SO jealous! He hates to share!

All the while that night, Princess was out in the living room crying and jumping against the door trying to get it open. She'd been locked out of the bedroom for 3 nights at this point and was really in a cuddle withdrawals!

The next day, she came right up to me and rubbed my legs (first time ever!) and the next evening, I was working on the computer and she actually jumped up on the desk between me and the keyboard!!! She really loves cuddles! So, she's come through it all just fine. AND, she's more cuddly and trusting than ever before.

The exclusion started because Queenie went into heat again along with my trouble breathing. She chirped and yowled quite a bit this time. I finally have an appointment for her to be spayed, but not where Bugs went. THAT vet is another story for another time. I'm waiting to hear from her....

Anyway, Queenie will finally get spayed this Thursday. We are going to the HSUS Fix-a-Pet in Seymour. She'll get her shots and be spayed.

A friend of mine told me about something for ear mites, and I got it yesterday in Sevierville at Tractor Supply Co., but haven't used it yet. She said one drop of "Ivermectin 1%" in each ear would stop them, and I could use it again in a week to get RID of the ear mites for GOOD. I've tried several "Pyrethrin" preparations and don't like them. The Ivermectin is for cattle, and I got something that can be used as a pour-on for cattle. I got some droppers, but I just haven't used the preparation yet. I guess I'm waiting for Queenie to get back from her adventure before I do. I'll let you know how that goes.

Meanwhile, we ran out of Innova EVO and went to Natural Balance - DOG food of all things! I guess I didn't pay attention when I got it. Since the food doesn't provide the taurine they need, I'm adding that to their water and they seem to be OK.

More next time......

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