Sunday, April 01, 2007

I had another Foster Cat --

I had another foster cat last week. He was a persian, but he had the coloring of a himalyan cat. His whiskers were curled up and threatened his eyes, but he didn't seem to mind it. He was SO cute! He was on his way to his furrever home in SC. His name is Otis. He did very well with the resident cats. I'd tried to keep him isolated, but they would have none of it! They broke the barriers and invaded his space. He apparently didn't fight them, but was equally curious. By the time he left, they were almost friendly to each other...

The network transportation chair called me out of the blue on Monday night, 3/26. The person who was supposed to connect in Knoxville and take the cat to Johnson City had been involved in a car accident. She was at the hospital. Could I take the cat? What can you say to a plea like that? The person who brought the cat from Indiana was a student on her way to her dorm and there was no way for her to keep the cat. So, I said yes.

My friend, Cat (really - her name!) and I worked it out to meet somewhere in the middle and she took Otis down to a meet with the new owner on her way to Myrtle Beach for easter break with the kids.

It's funny how this stuff works out. I didn't want to have another cat anywhere near me. I sometimes hate that I have 5 cats and can't even move unless I buy a house. But, I got to see Cat, and that was nice. Even if only for a few minutes.

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