Sunday, December 31, 2006

Happy New Year!

I've been playing catch-up all week!

I filled in as receptionist at the church this week, bored out of my gourd! And, the computer I had available didn't have the stuff I needed to work the website, and it took off again this week. Some folks decided to send an article I wrote through the email, and everyone who gets the email is checking out the site. This is great news! However, I get a proportionally larger number of emails because of that. I've been playing catch-up all week! I get to where there are only a couple left from early that morning and all the stuff from the day before is done - then a few hours later, there are more messages in the inbox than before I started... To top it off, the email box is getting full. I'll have to do some file-clearing as soon as I have a moment...

The newsletter is ready, and there will NOT be a specials page this month. All the specials are included in the newsletter. The SEs are picking up the specials pages and while it might be good for sales, it's not what I wanted to happen. Anyway, the newsletter will be in your email Tuesday morning.

Happy New Year!

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