Thursday, January 04, 2007

Cool! Article Picked up in email!

Wow! My article, "What is a Cat Whisperer" got picked up in an email and is making the rounds of the globe! Boy! What a kick in the pants to be "syndicated" by my readers this way. If only Oprah Winfrey would pick it up and ask me on her show...

Meanwhile, back at the ranch...
I've been updating pages as I can. The emails have been really hot and heavy lately. I'm grateful, but it is sometimes hard to keep up. I raised my fee in mid-December, and it's still pretty heavy. I figured out where all the spam was coming from, and SBI now offers graphic-challenges for forms, so no computers can automatically spam me any more. It takes a low-wage human to do it. Poor things!

The kitties seem to be doing well. Beasley has a bit of hairballs but otherwise every one is doing well. Miss Pretty Girl is still having trouble hearing me, and the pyrethrin isn't cutting through the ear mites in her ears. I'm going to have to take her in to the vet and have her ears taken care of somehow. Without a car it can be difficult to say the least!

Meanwhile, I'm getting some pretty good response from my ads and blurbs about the store survey. Everything seems positive so far. I could sure use more responses, but they will come as they come.

On the brick-n-mortar store research front, I think I've found some property/retail space downtown. The catch is that I have to buy it, but that might not be a bad thing in the long run. I was referred to a store in NY City that's doing exactly what I want to do. Their website is doing absolutely nothing for them except costing them money, so maybe we can work out a deal where I fix their website and they loan me their business model so I can start my own store as a franchisee. It's probably an even trade, when you look at the cost of a decent website.

Bit by bit, if God is in charge (as He always is!) the store seems to be coming together. The cost of retail space for lease in other parts of downtown is running at $12/foot so the cost of purchasing the property is right in line. Just a little more, and it's not a lease - but something I can convert to my home if the store flops.

Well, gotta go eat some supper. The cats have been fed, but I haven't. My best to you in the New Year. May Prosperity and Health be yours!

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