Saturday, December 23, 2006

Bugsy Finally Got Her Stitches Out!

Missy Bugs finally got her stitches out yesterday. Because I only worked a half-day for the holiday, I got to go with. She didn't care for someone touching her tummy that wasn't me, but she did very well.

She's filling out nicely, and is very cuddly. Unfortunately, when I got out of bed this morning, her face was in the way of my foot (still on the bed), but I've apologized to her and all is well. She definitely got a good tap on the nose, though.

I found some cool toys at K-Mart last night when I got more cat litter. They are called "Crazy Spinners" by Petmate. These come 4-to a pack and cost $1.99 USD. I put out 2, and the cats love them. The cats weren't sure what to do with the toys, and put a paw to them. The toys spin and can scoot across the room. The cats love it!

With so many cats, giving them each enough play is difficult - one or 2 hang back to watch the others all the time. I don't think Princess has had any play with me for months! She gets lots of cuddles, but she needs some play, too. They do play tag a lot, though, and she joins in on that.

Well, that's the news for today. I hope you all have a Merry Christmas if I don't post again till after that.

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