Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Christmas Busy-ness

I've been so busy lately, that it's been almost impossible to keep up to date with anything at all!

Poor Missy Bugs STILL has her stitches in - I just can't get her to the vet to get them out. It's been almost 3 weeks since she was spayed. She's lovey, cuddly and very affectionate! However, those stitches really need to come out. Her skin is beginning to grow around them. If I had the right kind of scissors (round tips so I won't poke her), I'd remove them myself.

Beasley is very sweet, but obviously depressed. He needs mommy time and he isn't getting it. He's always having to compete with Queenie and Bugs. If he gets on my lap, Bugs will make herself comfortable in another part of my lap! I've never seen anything like it...

Meanwhile, Pretty Girl is just loving being picked up and hugged. Princess is very affectionate, too. I've been giving Princess cuddles when I come in at night and she's "hiding" behind the curtains. I move the curtains and give her snuggles and scratches. She loves it. She purrs that rumbly purr of hers and acts out her love by leaning into my hands. Pretty Girl is snuggling on my hands and biting again. These are love bites, but because of her history of biting, I have to push in and give her the gag reflex. Otherwise, she is really snuggly. She comes to me in bed and tickles my nose with her whiskers.

On a positive note, I only have one more social function till Christmas, and that's on the 23rd. It's optional, but will be good for me. I hate going out at night, but I guess sometimes it's just best for me to do that.

Well, at least I've posted a message to you. Have a wonderful Christmas, and remember the reason for the season...

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